Call outs for Saturday

14 06 2013
Apologies for people who have been checking this blog to find it unattended – Please be assured it is not due to anything other than the current author being tied up with more pressing anti-fascist matters! Anyway this weekend for those in the south-
Posted on June 9, 2013 (re-post from Essex Antifascists) 


UPDATE: for the meeting point email

IMPORTANT: If you are traveling from Colchester or London, please email

On the 15th June, the English Defence League plan to hold a meeting in Southend, The Britannia Pub, SS1 2ER at 1pm. We are not willing to let this happen.

Whether it be a march, gathering or meeting – fascists must be countered at every opportunity. This is why locals are calling on anti-fascists from Essex, London and beyond to join them on the 15th June, in Southend, to say no to the EDL.

And this weekend for those in the North:

EDL/Casuals(ha ha)/National Front/Infidels – yea, all the usual ‘dual carding’ scumbags, are having a demo in Ashton Under Lyne, in the Greater Manchester Area on Saturday. The demo is about some Asian lads scrapping with some white lads at a bus stop. We don’t know what started the fight, but the fascists are claiming this is a case of ‘anti-white’ racism….we couldn’t make this shit up if we tried!! The EDL meet up point is Ashton train station at 12.00. UAF are doing something at the town hall around the same time.

All the Best to those travelling tomorrow, and to those organising in their localities!

Just for fun here’s a picture from the casuals united blog – eeee, I don’t know….I’d expect a good kicking if I stood at a bus stop dressed like that!

Yea, check those cats out daddio!!

Hot Damn! Check out those cool cats  daddio!!

Final say on deluded ‘Casuals’ tall tales

26 04 2013

It’s all getting a bit tedious now. We asked ‘casuals united’ to provide evidence of them getting anything other than completely humiliated on Sunday, but surprise surprise Cilla, they can’t. They put out this fantasy tale (a few days too late): Make believe – This refers to the incident included in a post we published on Monday: Eye Witness account

Lets have a quick look at the photo they provided:


Casuals say: “One of our girls was arguing with them and they went for her, about seven of them. “

What really happened: The girl in the grey was not anywhere near the scrap – the loudmouth fascists and the subsequent action were to the left of this shot – perhaps why they are all looking left?  At the time it kicked off the girl in the grey had sensibly retreated. One fascist lunged into the crowd of Anti-fa’s and was quickly swamped. To be fair the fascists were massively outnumbered by Antifascists – but hey, they chose to go to Brighton!

Casuals say: “They’d (antifa) rather go for a girl than a fella”

What really happened:.  They have already admitted in previous posts that one of them took a golf umbrella to the ‘mouthy girls head’. They change that slightly in the latest blog post claiming – “the ginger bint with them was immediately taken out as the lads piled in to defend their sister”. – there was no sister to defend – the girl in the grey had moved out of the scene – a fat bloke who was earlier mistaken for J Marsh lunged straight at the nearest girl he could see with a Golf Umbrella and hit her around the head (not very British – play the game!! ) He was quickly stopped by her friends, one of who’m lamped him on the top of his bonce with something in a bag, it put him straight down and as he scrambled around on the floor trying to find his weapon he took a few more kicks from what was now a swirling mass of limbs.

Casuals say: “This is the one fight of the day that they have not mentioned”

What really happened: We reported this on monday.

Also, The baldy guy on the right of the picture you may recognise from photo’s in previous articles about this  – he took a kicking on the seafront a bit earlier in the day, maybe he’s the boss of the  ‘Suicide’ squad:

Suicidal more like

Suicidal more like

Another screen  grab I’ve seen on ‘SlateEDL’ (but can’t find now – look yourself!) claims he must be tough as he came back for another scrap. He in fact did not get involved in the second scrap at all. He argued throughout the whole thing with an antifascist to the right of the action begging them to throw the first punch so he could claim ‘self defence’?!?! The antifascist replied ‘You go first’ and walked toward him – he backed off until the police arrived and he was safe. Punches thrown by Mr Suicide in his second fight: Zero.

So they have no evidence of anything, other than a terrible story it took them 2 or 3 days to dream up. I think we’ll put this to bed now – It’s always good to enjoy a victory, especially after all the threats from the far right, but there’s nothing to be gained by bragging. Lets start looking forward to the next one!! Also see article from Brightons own Schnews.

See you on the streets.

Athens Calls Answered!!!!

21 01 2013



Saturday saw anti fascists across the world answer the call from Greece Antifa for a show of solidarity. So far reports of solidarity demo’s happening have been received in Greece from London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Cork, Dublin, Derry, Barcelona, Ossona, Manresa, La Garriga, Bilbao, Lyon, Brussells, Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Tampere, Warsaw, Vilneous, Moscow, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Sydney, Canberra, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Cologne, Nicosia, and Paris.

All in all a good day for anti fascism, especially in London where around 200-300 gathered in the cold outside the Greek embassy (Sorry to those reporting much higher numbers, but the AFN does not exaggerate or lie, this is a figure that many involved in the network thought was about right).

network 2

AFN – Brought to you by!

UAF did a good job getting their supporters out, but unfortunately treated them to speakers including Labour MPs  Jeremy Corbyn and David Lammy – like the Labour party doesn’t give immigrants a kick when it wins them votes! London groups aligned with the anti-fascist network seemed pleased with the local antifash turn out, and they were joined by a couple of other groups who made the trip through the snow. One group of Antifascists who arrived fashionably late stumbled upon the ‘British friends of Golden Dawn’ holding pen (holding all 12 of them) and whilst out of the UAF kettle attempted to engage the dipshit fascists in a bit of light banter – shortly after this the Nazi’s were marched off to a tube station by the old bill in a shower of snowballs as the antifascists were put into the appropriate kettle to join the solidarity demo.

Pretty much everything Antifascists do is reactive to what the opposition is doing so it was great to have show of solidarity, requested, and answered by antifascists. The fact the scum only managed to get 12 out to counter the demo is encouraging, as was the turn out from Londoners. To be fair there were apparently a couple of fascists waiting in a pub nearby, but they decided to stay there rather than making arses out of themselves like their mates. The classic quote of the day came from one of the Golden Dawn Supporters – “We’re not fascists, we’re Nazi’s”. Fucking insane!!

Mugs - half of Londons Golden Shower Brigade

Dead behind the eyes – half of Londons Golden Shower brigade

The Edinburgh demo was almost identical, with 8 or so assorted fruit loops including SDL members showing up to stand on the sidelines and look dejected.

Edinburgh's Friends of Golden Dawn looking lonley

Edinburgh’s Friends of Golden Dawn looking lonely

The SDL did not fare much better in Pollokshields (Glasgow) on Sunday when a planned demonstration to use the anniversary of the death of a Scottish lad to try and stir up some hate attracted about 15 nutters and was told where to go. The turnout may have been low however, that may be due to the deceased being of catholic descent and the SDL getting confused about which side they are on. Militant antifascists and local antifa casuals also stayed away due to the organisers of the counter protest working with the police.

All in all a fucking terrible weekend for the fascists in the UK. If there does seem to be a lull in their fortunes it could provide a perfect opportunity to build a stronger, and more organised movement for the future.

Here’s some more reports from Saturday: Schnews – Wessex Solidarity – Athens Antifa

And one from Sunday in Glasgow: ISG