This is not England – this is Brighton!

20 04 2013

The waiting is almost over, tomorrow is going to see the extreme right wing try to take revenge on a town that keeps telling them to fuck off. The police seem to be taking the threat to locals seriously and have issued a number of draconian measures for the fascists to abide by. There’s a write up here in the Brighton Argus. Whilst trolling through the fascist facebook pages it’s hilarious to see them complaining about the police tactics, and whinging on about being persecuted whilst at the same time posting threats and discussing ‘smashing the reds’. Maybe they should not be so quick to critisise the police – these measures maybe meant to protect them?!

Av what?

Av what?

Unfortunately for those keyboard warriors who don’t manage to find an excuse for bailing out at the last minuet, a lot of the facebook material that’s already been screen grabbed could be used by the pigs to have them up on conspiracy to commit violent disorder charges should anything happen. By contrast the  Antifascist campaign leading up to the day has been entirely reasonable, we are not the ones who’ve blustered about this for months and made violent threats to anyone who’ll listen. If the fascists can’t follow through on their threats they’re going to  look very weak.

Hope Not Hate and EDL News have reported that Casuals United led by Jeff  Marsh have come up with an ingenious plan to wear all black and try to mingle with Antifascists. At first this might seem like a fairly clever idea, until you think about how outnumbered they are going to be, and the fact that we’ve been doing this for years, good luck with that lads! – Most antifascists know each other! Many fascists (including Marshy who will be staying at the Worthing Travel Lodge) will be making their way to Brighton today, some with no intention at all of going to the demo, they will probably try to mob up in pubs waiting for an easy target. Needless to say antifascists will be on alert throughout the weekend.

The media spotlight will be on the demo, and it will be the mass mobilisation of the decent folk who live in the town that are going to put an end to this pathetic parade and ultimately win the day. Twitter users who spot groups of fascists not on the march can use @stopmfe to pass on that, or any other info.

For any first time antifascists – stay aware, stick with your group, try to get a bust card with legal info on, and write a solicitors number on your arm. maybe have a look at Green and Black Cross.

Have a great day – See you on the Streets.




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