About us

The Anti-Fascist Network is a network of independent and grassroots groups working together against the rise of racism and fascism in our communities.

Anti-fascists have opposed the EDL and similar groups wherever they go. The aim of the network is to support these local actions and to join together to counter regional and national far right events, ensuring maximum numbers on the streets as well as sharing resources and providing legal support.

The Anti-Fascist Network is not about telling people how to campaign in their areas, what type of anti-fascist activity they should undertake or what political analysis they should adopt. We simply want to cooperate to defeat fascism.

The Anti-Fascist Network is non-hierarchical, will never work with the police and is not affiliated to any political party.

Join us.

Anti-Fascist Network

3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance, ACA Manchester, Brighton Anti-Fascists, Bristol Antifascists, Essex Anti-Fascists, Liverpool Anti-Fascists, London Anti-Fascists, North East Anti-Fascists, Nottingham Antifascists, Portsmouth Anti-Fascists, South London Anti-Fascists, Welsh Antifa, Wessex Solidarity, York Anarchists.

7 responses

17 06 2014
Graham Durham

Great to see you all in Cricklewood Saturday -keep up the good work

6 09 2015

Keep fighting the good fight.

31 05 2016
Far Right Watch (@Far_Right_Watch)

Can Online Communities ‘Affiliate’ with you or just local groups? We are a new website run by a group of AntiFa veterans, from the same people that brought you SLATUKIP and Exposing Britain First. Focusing on both British and European Far-Right groups, which we think British People need to be more aware of. Thank you.

30 06 2016
What needs to be done? #keepsotontidy #2ndjuly | SouthamptonAntiFA

[…] August 2015 hundreds of local Liverpudlians joined Anti-Fascist Network (AFN) calls for a counter mobilisation against the ‘White Man March’ put on by Neo Nazi group […]

17 07 2016
19 07 2016
Emma Coombes

Where’s Kent anti- fascist organisation? You’d think given the proximity to Europe, and the far – rights affection for pathetic flag waving here, there would be more unity and focus ? I was on the March with my kid in Dover earlier this year, the one that counted for something. I pay £25 a month, my kids get free school meals, yet I’ve not even got so much as an acknowledgement of my contribution from you, I can’t afford it, and am beginning to doubt the effectiveness of any ‘organised’ group who neglect Supporters to such an extent. Explaination ? Doubt it!!!

21 07 2016

Kent ARN are an inpedendant group and hence not in the list of groups affiliated to us. We’re very close comrades with them though, and have helped organise several of the counter-protests in Dover.
Believe us though, no slight was intended by not including them on this list.

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