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If you want to get involved in the struggle against fascism and racism, this page should be able to give you some pointers.

  • Try contacting a local anti-fascist group. A good starting point is the list of AFN groups in the sidebar. Please be aware some groups are more open than others and most will for security reasons want to meet you or talk to you before you are able to join the group.

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14 09 2015
27 09 2015
Successful community mobilisation against the EDL in Colchester! | Essex Anti-fascists

[…] Now is a great time to get involved with Essex Anti-fascists, please email to do so. If you’re not based in Essex, get in touch with your nearest AFN group. […]

18 01 2016
Interview: Opposing the Far-Right in Dover | Novara Wire

[…] a few other groups who’re organising stuff in their local areas. People should contact their nearest antifascist group, if there isn’t one people should look at the possibility of getting a crew together and […]

6 04 2016
What does Dover Mean for Antifascists? –

[…] we can steward meetings, we can provide materials and speakers. Email us or read the “Get Involved” section of our website for more […]

18 08 2016
Tony Davis

The Silkstone public house on Park road Barnsley South Yorks is blatantly racist and openly supports the EDL, ban the burkah and other bullshit fascist shite.It is tainted with fascism.

17 11 2016

thanks for info. sorry for delay in response. will try and pass on

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