Newcastle prepares to counter the EDL

9 05 2013

Anti-fascists in Newcastle are gearing up for a stream of human filth to trickle through the streets on May 25th when the EDL hold a national demo in their town. The EDL demo’s ain’t what they used to be, but it’s fair to say that about 300 hardcore hangers on and racists will probably show up to get pissed in a moving police kettle. As usual they are relying on the travelling support of far right extremists from all over the country. The pic below shows Southwest Frontline Firm’s current page banner. The people in  SWFF are the exact same people on the southwest EDL pages. It’s like each member has their own group –

You can’t get much further away from the north east then erm…the south west!! Sitting in a car for 6 hours each way is not how most normal people would like to spend their weekend, but hey…

South West FF - claim they are travelling to the North East on 25th

South West FF – claim they are travelling to the North East on 25th

Things are already hotting up on Tyneside, it looks as though there is a local pub that is welcoming the fascists – The Rose and Crown are hosting a pre-demo meeting on the 11th May, they can be contacted here:  5-7 Newgate Street, City Centre, NE1 5RE Newcastle upon Tyne. 0191 261 2929.

Here’s the facebook event for it:

And the pub bizarly has 2  facebook pages: and

It seems one of the people who comments on both the pages and the event page is ‘Biffa Bacon’ (don’t worry not the real one). On one page he’s against the meeting, and on the other he’s all for it. Fascists tend to get confused when they try to lead double lives, wait till Fatha and Mutha finds oot Biffa!!

We are sure the EDL and assorted fascists will be given an ‘appropriate’ welcome from a traditionally tough working class city like Newcastle, but just to help get the point across antifascists in the city have got a PDF leaflet you can download and print here:

Anti-Fascists Organising!

Anti-Fascists Organising!

And a quick brain teaser to finish:

Q: If the Bournemouth EDL division takes a car to Newcastle, and Mikey Baylis and Jacqueline Bath are also going in a car together, and South Coast Casuals are taking their own car, as are South West Frontline Firm and the South West Alliance…Then how many cars will be going to Newcastle on the 25th may from the south west?

A: One – and it’ll probably only seat 3 of the fat twats comfortably.



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