Brighton: The EDL Casuals continue to humiliate themselves.

30 04 2012

 Just to lighten the mood a little, check out this below! The original post has now been removed from the casuals page, but it’s all over facebook as furious morons rush to jump on the bandwagon.  Post comes with free picture just to prove that having a tattoo doesn’t mean you can punch your way out of a paper bag…

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Casuals United member with a silly tattoo

After their humiliating day In Brighton last week, The Casuals are planning to attack the Cowley Club in Brighton after making wild claims that it was the venue where the Communists (or maybe the Communards) hatched their plans to attack them.

For those that do not know who the Casuals are, they are the English Defence League’s badly dressed and semi literate football hooligan division and they are very very sore about the way the local people of Brighton chased them out of town, so in a face saving exercise they have vowed to stamp their authority on a town that does not want them there.

They joined up with March for England (MfE) to participate in their annual demo in the town, accompanied by various far right extremists, racists and sieg heilers. They were met by thousands of locals who opposed their fascist ideologies.  The Casuals, EDL and MfEers had to resort to hiding behind young children after starting a bottle throwing fight.

Such was the humiliation, they have announced they they are going to target the Cowley Club and posted their plans on their hilariously shrill blog.  The intention is to disrupt an anti racism gig which is strange because they spend rather  a lot of their time claiming they are not racists.

They claim their intentions are peaceful but due to the fact that they have only joined up with these morons due to football banning orders, their claims are rather dubious. This is further backed up when they were caught bragging on Twitter about a cowardly attack they launched on a pensioner at the weekend, leaving him hospitalised. They claimed it was done in revenge for Brighton.

There is one obvious flaw to this plan though, the gig they are planning to disrupt was held in May 2011 and it is well and truly over by now.

It did not end there though, they are planning to go back to Brighton to ‘celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee’.

Various threats of violence towards the people of Brighton have been made and the following was posted on their Facebook by a guy with a ‘white power’ profile picture who was offering up the above poor quality intelligence.

It does seem as though they have got their dates wrong completely and will actually miss the Jubilee as pointed out by a more intelligent contibutor to the page.

For such rank idiocy, the Casuals have found themselves in Derek Fender Corner, the place on the internet where everyone comes to laugh at them.



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