Yorkshire Against Hate outnumber and block the far-right in Rotherham: Report back

22 02 2023

AFN activists formed part of a large ‘Yorkshire Against Hate’ mobilisation on Saturday, opposing the latest attempt by the right to capitalise on the Home Office warehousing refugees in large hotels. In this case it was the Holiday Inn in Manvers, Rotherham. Initially called by anti-migrant livestreamers Yorkshire Rose and English Bulldog, the demo was later backed by Patriotic Alternative fascists. At its height at 2pm there was a turnout of around 150 on the far-right demo. Although this was largely a travelling roadshow featuring the usual cast of Walter Mittys and Magna Carta cranks, there were, according to anti-fascists who infiltrated the demo, also many locals.

As anti-fascists from the ‘Yorkshire Against Hate’ coalition got to the front of the hotel first, the far-right demo ended up on the verge near the ring road. This meant no direct intimidation of the refugee families in the hotel could happen. The fascist demo was however more visible. By one o’clock there was a respectable crowd of 300 or more anti-fascists and refugee solidarity activists in front of the hotel. Although there was a certain amount of mingling and scuffling and even an anti-fascist attempt to break out of the kettle, for the most part the two demos were separate and passed off peacefully.

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“We Keep Us Safe”: Talking guns with America’s Socialist Rifle Association

1 12 2020

Trump appears to be on the way out, but none of us can have failed to notice all his numerous heavily-armed gangs of supporters out on the streets across the USA. And even if the man may be finished, Trumpism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. These militias, “boogaloo bois”, ‘three percenters’ etc are constantly readying themselves for the apocalyptic civil war they believe is imminently coming. Meanwhile, mainstream liberals in America are very keen on gun control for the masses but fully support the police, who are themselves the main armed danger to large sections of America’s population.

How are the left responding to these threats? How do leftists, antifascists and minorities operate when the opposition are all armed to the teeth? Where is this all heading? One of the left responses to this situation is the Socialist Rifle Association – a national network of left wing gun clubs that has rapidly expanded in the last four years and now has over 10,000 members across the USA. We talked to Faye Ecklar, co-founder and Director of Mutual Aid for the SRA.

So thank you to Faye for very patiently answering our (numerous) naive questions…

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Standing with refugees and against the far-right: Dover and beyond

10 09 2020

Anti-Fascist Network members travelled to Dover on Saturday to support the Kent Anti-Racist Network demo in support of migrants and refugee rights and against a planned far-right anti-migrant demo.

The first we heard of this a few weeks ago was when Tony Burras, a white nationalist and associate of the Pie and Mash Squad (fascist hooligans), posted an advert for a demo in Dover on 5th September. Initially it was hard to know whether this was a real thing that would amount to anything or not and over the following weeks a confusing array of right-wing grifters and wannabes piled in, making it, if anything more confusing and hard to know what was going on.

The right wing media has been fomenting a panic over migrants crossing the channel in small dinghies, pitching it as an “invasion” of unprecedented size. Nigel Farage was partly the origin of this, but the Tory government was swift to pile in, responded with dehumanising Trumpian rhetoric about “criminals” “breaking in” to Britain, deploying the armed forces against desperate refugees, appointing an ex-Royal Marine to the ludicrous role of “Clandestine Channel Threat Commander”, as well as attacking “activist lawyers” who shockingly uphold the law against a government often determined to break it by illegally deporting people.

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Conspiracy theory is a gateway to the far-right

13 08 2020

A good explanation of the workings of conspiracy theories, robbed off Facebook.

Fictional conspiracy theories such as Qanon, and conspiracy theories about the imaginary “deep state” are cooked up by the far-right and weaponized to distract attention from really-existing geopolitical strategic game playing and really-existing empire building on the part of fascists: that is part of the purpose these conspiracy theories are designed for.

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Hearts of Oak – threat or a joke?

4 08 2020

reposted from While Rome Burns – a good write up of Tommy Robinson’s latest attempted venture.

Saturday saw the public debut of a new attempt to “unite the right”. A new organisation called “Hearts of Oak” held its inaugural demo in Parliament Square. The backers of this new organisation makes it look like an attempt to reboot the coalition that emerged around the “Day for Freedom” in May 2018, which saw […]

via Hearts of Oak – threat or a joke? — while rome burns

Solidarity against barbarism: The fight against coronavirus and the far-right in the USA

4 05 2020

Reposted from Brighton Antifascists

Like everyone else we’ve been in lockdown, spending a lot of time at home with our stockpile of beans in our Antifa™ bunker. But we’ve also stayed active playing our part in local organising initiatives in Brighton and further afield – food banks, food deliveries, mutual aid groups, projects manufacturing PPE etc. And we’ve also made time to chat to some comrades from Oregon about what’s going down in the USA, where they have also had to contend with a social situation that is in some ways more extreme and also with right-wing street movements protesting the lockdown. The following is an interview with Alexander and Thomas, two anarchists who are active in anti-fascist and left organizing in Portland, Oregon.

Can you tell us how the anti-authoritarian left and antifascist movement is responding to the current crisis ? Are there any mutual aid networks forming? We have seen for example images of Portland antifascists involved in production of hand sanitiser that was then distributed for free for those in need. Can you tell us more about those kind of initiatives?

There are a variety of mutual aid projects in Portland, surrounding housing, food, and pandemic preparedness goods like PPE and sanitation products. The two of us are actually essential workers, and are still working in our respective industries to keep parts of the city moving, such as it is. But from our networks and friends we can report some mutual aid projects of note: barter networks, trading, and free distribution of goods that are in high demand, including food; making and distributing PPE to people who cannot obtain them; resource lists, to inform people where scarce goods are available (like which stores have toilet tissue or sanitizer in stock); and organized community camps for the houseless who are at-risk or marginalized.

As our personal organizing work typically is anti-fascism, we should also note that there is still a great need for that in this current crisis as well. Like in many crises, the far-right is attempting to take advantage of the political moment in order to gain strength. We’ve seen groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot Front attending protests against the stay-at-home protocols. Racist and nationalistic conspiracy theories about the origins of the disease and cures are spreading. There have been attacks and other displays of bigotry against people of Asian ethnicity. White supremacists online are talking about spreading the disease deliberately, and fantasizing about this crisis creating a state of open war in society. While we all have to do our part to fight the pandemic, we cannot let up our guard against fascism and the far-right. So it is good that those networks are continuing their work as well, even as we all are having to deal with the pandemic.

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Another of Tommy’ s friends in court on paedophilia charges

24 02 2020


So it turns out that Tommy Robinson’s friend and Sunderland organiser Billy Charlton is soon to be in court on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography.

In September 2019 he received a 21 month sentence for stirring up racial hatred during his campaign that was supposed to be against rape and violence towards women. Turns out he is just another nonce and strangely enough Robinson’s crew seems to have quite a number of them.

Since we first posted this online, it seems like we have seriously upset a lot of far right specimens. Responses vary from “this is all fake news” to “but what about the…”. It seems like nonces and other sex predators are bad only if they are brown. The truth is that the ranks of far-right organisations are riddled with all sorts of sex offenders. It must be something about the ideology that attracts these sort of people.

Check this list for the full unsavory details:


Anti-fascists hold the line against racist “Free Tommy” mob in London

6 08 2019

On Saturday, people from all over the country came together to oppose a ‘Free Tommy’ demonstration in London in support of imprisoned anti-Muslim hate preacher Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA “Tommy Robinson”). It was a difficult day, but we stood strong, and our demo was solid. Old fascist faces like Paul Pitt and numpties like Danny Tommo were doing their usual attention-seeking, the police had helicopters and ‘Sieg Heils’ and MAGA hats were out.

The fascists’ turnout was much lower than for “Free Tommy” events last year – last year they got possibly 10,000. Saturday they got somewhere up to 1000.

However, anti-fascists should have been able to comprehensively outnumber them and prevent them from having the run of the streets which were not able to do.

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This Saturday – Join the opposition to the “Free Tommy” mob

30 07 2019


Facebook event


Tommy Robinson is back in jail for contempt of court. In an attempt to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment he livestreamed a child sexual exploitation trial, which could have resulted in those guilty going free.

The far right will be marching in London on Saturday 3rd August under the banner ‘Free Tommy’. His supporters are trying to use his imprisonment as a recruiting tool, painting him as the victim of a conspiracy. We’re going to be there to oppose them.

Tommy Robinson is part of a far-right movement spreading violence across the globe. From an increase in hate crimes to the mass shootings of Christchurch and Pittsburgh, racists and fascists are getting bolder by the day. Their words and politics are regaining mainstream legitimacy. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson parrot their words. In the US, migrants are detained in concentration camps and in the UK the ‘hostile environment’ harasses migrants through a brutal system of detention centres and deportations.

Tommy’s part in all of this? To whip up hatred against Muslims and refugees, to spread fear and to help radicalise the Finsbury Park van attacker to the point of murder.

Join us on the 3rd of August in Central London, when a coalition of anti-fascists, feminists, migrant solidarity groups, unions, and many more groups and unaffiliated people will come together to oppose Tommy Robinson and his vicious politics.


Watch our Facebook and Twitter for updates.

New video about Brighton Anti-Fascists

10 07 2019

Check out this new short film featuring AFN members Brighton Anti-Fascists talking a little bit about what they do and why they do it.

Like what you see? Get in touch with your local group and get involved.