Casual Racism In Brighton

27 05 2012

Anyone who wants to see how completely fucking desperate the far right have got in the UK should check out the Casuals United blog. From what we can tell it relies solely on misinformation and lies…It goes to show that if you repeat a lie enough times you’ll start to believe it yourself.

Check out their site and you’ll notice they’ve got a bit hot under the collar lately about anything happening in Brighton, they really hate the town, the people in it, and the Green party elected representatives. This is an obvious reaction after they humiliated themselves with MFE on St Georges day.

Rather than admit that fascists will never be tolerated in a town like Brighton, they quickly set about lying that ‘Communists had planned to attack women and children’ on the march, and therefore they are trying to get people together for a return visit to the town on the 2nd June.

At the risk of stating the obvious,communists did not plan to attack women and children. Here’s some proof, it’s a video from the start of the March – 11 seconds in the first bottles thrown are clearly come from the nationalist demo.

We believe that it’s probably true that a young girl was hit when a bottle was returned to the fascists, it’s unfortunate but it’s hardly like anyone picks a target as they lob a bottle across a street. But really, what the fuck are you doing taking your kid to a demo where you start a bottle fight you can’t win?

So the Casuals & some MFE and EDL are planning to return to Brighton next Saturday to dish out some revenge. It remains to be seen how many lowlife scum will believe the bullshit and come out to play but surely they can’t do any worse than last time can they?

Some people just never learn – See you Saturday!



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