Anti-racist and Proud!

12 07 2012

QUEER KAFF BLOC on Bristol Pride 14th July.. join the march,
*Against all oppression. Against the EDL: Anti-racist and Proud bloc at Bristol pride*
On the 14th July,  a group of LGBTQI people will be marching as an Anti-Racist and Proud Block on We are: Proud Pride Parade.This is in response to the far right group the English Defence League’s intenton to march in Bristol on the same day as this year’s Bristol Pride.
*“We believe that having an explicit, and visible anti-racist presence at the pride parade will send a strong message that the EDL are not welcome in Bristol, and not welcome at Bristol pride. We refuse to allow the EDL to mask their message of hatred by falsely claiming to support the LGBTQI community.*” said one organiser.
Participants on the Block will be dressed in Pink and Black, colours of LGBT resistance to racism and fascism. They will carry banners and placards saying “No homophobia, No racism” and “Islamaphobia is Racism in disguise” and “Racist EDL do nothing for Gay Rights”
A woman who will march said *“The EDL claim that by attacking Islam they are defending gay rights, and the rights of women. I will march with this block to challenge this cynical attempt to co-opt our struggles in order to use them as a weapon against Muslims.”*
Participants on the block will walk from Berkeley Square, Clifton, through the streets of Bristol. They will hand out leaflets and engage with other Pride participants about the issue. * “The EDL say that they aren’t racist, and that their problem is with Islam and not Muslims, but islamaphobia has a direct effect on Muslims, the majority of whom are of African and Asian descent. This means Muslims will be targeted, including LGBTQI Muslim people. What they promote is simply racism in the form of islamophobia.”*
Block organisers have said that they support anyone organising counter demonstrations, and that they believe a diversity of tactics is needed in opposition the EDL



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