Deluded Casuals Furiously Attempt to Polish Turd..

7 09 2012

Here’s a funny story for a Friday afternoon…..

Following on from the trouncing EDL received last weekend the Casuals United bloggers have released the following statement:

The police basically kidnapped us for about 5 hours and treated us like animals in order to deter us from doing any more demos. The girls rang the liason officers and were told that this was out of their hands. I reckon they had been given an ultimatum by Muslim Community Leaders to get rid of us or they would riot. They liased for weeks over this demo then broke all their promises from the morning onwards.

It’s clear that extremist groups like casuals united have long ago abandoned any shred of sanity they ever held. There were three hundred EDL tops. There were thousands of locals and antifascists lining up to show the EDL where to go. People pleaded with the police to go home so we could deal with the fascists as a community. All police liason with the EDL would have had to go out of the window as soon as they saw the the scale of the opposition, to a few fat racist drunks stumbling down the road. The police protection was the only thing that allowed the EDL to go home in one piece. you’d think they’d be grateful, we paid for that protection!….it gets better though….

Well done everyone who went through our ordeal in Walthamstow. Legends all of you. Its still a victory. We marched right through their area for over an hour, we stood tall and proud and we stuck together. We will be back there but unannounced and with no liason. NFSE  

“It’s still a victory” – I don’t think even they believe this, no one can be that optimistic unless their on crack, oh, wait…

“we marched right through their area for over an hour” – No, you were escorted by police up until a point where not even the force of the Met could push you through, you did not make the rally point, EDL speakers Tommy and Kev had to be escorted out by police. Your march was diverted through side streets to keep you safe from the opposition.

“we stood tall and proud and we stuck together” – After all the morning beers fights broke out within the EDL crowd, and they even assaulted one of their own stewards, and it’s hard to stand tall when you can barely stand at all! – ha ha!

“we will be back there but unannounced and with no liason.” – They got 200-300 people out for a national demo. Some of them had travelled from the north east, how many can they get out locally?  Not many!! My guess is that if they do turn up without the fuzz to protect them, and unannounced, they may not get off so likely!!….So good luck with that boys and girls of the extreme right, every demo you hold forges links between different groups in communities, so they are prepared when the fascists try to roll in to town.

Happy Weekend!



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