Oppose the NF/infidels in Sunderland on October 6th

5 10 2012
By 3cafa

Two Nazi organisations are coming to Sunderland on October 6th to stir up racial hatred and divide our communities. They must not go unopposed.

All decent Sunderland citizens should join the march from the University Library to St. Mark’s Road mosque (map) at 11.30am to show these Nazi thugs they are not welcome in our city.

The far right does not represent the people of Sunderland. They do not speak for us. Sunderland is a tolerant city that benefits greatly from diversity.

Let us show the Infidels and NF that we are proud of our multi-cultural communities and will defend them against those who wish to bring mayhem to our streets.

WE ARE SUNDERLAND!!! They are not.

Please spread word of this event. (Taken from the event’s facebook page)



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