Fascist Activities This Weekend

7 11 2012

Following on from their disastrous attempt at a demo in Liverpool last weekend the Infidels of Britain are holding a racist demo in West Ham against a mosque on Saturday 10 November.

Here’s a brief extract from their facebook page:

There are over 400 people that have clicked attending, forgetting the red scum and the goat fuckers how many of you will actually turn up Saturday and how many will continue to moan about the Islamic take over of Britain on fb but won’t act

ually get off your arses and hit the streets. This will not only be the biggest religious building in Britain it is also being proposed by a group that has links to terrorist organisations and believes in segregation not integration. You can hardly moan about what’s happening to our country if you ain’t prepared to do more than click like on a fb page. Ktf NS

Saturday at 13:00 in London

This event is also being pushed by the English Volunteer Force (EVF), Anti Fascists will also be around so get down there to give em a proper East End welcome!
Daz Christopher, Willenhall based KKK member
Twat – Darren Clifft from Infidels of Britain (pic from EDL NEWS)
Also the EDL are planning another fucking stupid march on the same day in Norwich. Community groups are organising an opposition, the info can be found here: http://www.wearenorwich.co.uk/ (Please note this is nothing to do with the AFN) If anyone is around the area we would recommend making an effort to tell the fascists they are not welcome, in whatever way you are comfortable with! Anyone who appreciates freedom and equality should ensure we continue to outnumber the racist scum wherever they pop up.
Please feel free to report any other fascist activities happening in your area.
AFN also has a new twitter account: twitter.com/AntiFascistNetw



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