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15 11 2012

NF to terrorise Sunderland again Nov 17th

By 3cafa

“A FAR Right group is to stage a further demonstration over the proposed opening of a new mosque.

The Northern Patriotic Front, formed in Newcastle by ex-members of the National Front in August, is to stage what it insists will be a peaceful hour-long protest in the Millfield area of Sunderland at noon on Saturday (November 17).

Police say they expect a counter demonstration by anti-fascist groups and have warned that anyone causing trouble will be dealt with.

Saturday’s demonstration will be the fourth this year staged by Far Right groups over plans by the Pakistan Islamic Centre to open a mosque in St Mark’s Road.

The last, organised by the North-East Infidels, ended in violence and 13 arrests.

Earlier this year, Sunderland City Council has granted planning permission for the conversion of a former transport depot into a mosque.

Simon Biggs, spokesman for the Northern Patriotic Front, said he expected “30 to 40″ demonstrators and added: “We will be holding banners and placards and trying to get our message across – it will be a peaceful protest”.

Chief Superintendent Kay Blyth, of Northumbria Police, said: “The organisers have assured us they do not want any trouble and their intention is to hold a short peaceful assembly before moving on and police will act in a neutral capacity to facilitate this.

“We expect those attending to ensure they do behave peacefully and they don’t become involved in trouble.

“It’s expected there will be a counter protest and we also expect all those attending to behave peacefully and not become involved in any trouble.

“”Anyone causing problems will be dealt with”.

And on Sunday…

Boston protest is a far right event

By East Midlands Anti Fascists

This Sunday will see an anti-immigration march take place in Boston, Lincolnshire. In the past, organiser Dean Everitt has made a big fuss about avoiding being “hijacked” by the far right but we can reveal that Sunday’s static demonstration at the Herbert Ingram memorial is a solidly far right event.

Dean Everitt has shown support for the Infidels of Britain, BNP and EDL on Facebook and of the 100 odd people who have signed up on Facebook, many are far right organisers and activists. They include Lincolnshire EDL organiser, Daz Healey, partner of Tony Curtis and former EDL speaker, Tracie Bird, organiser of the recent EDL demo in Norwich, Sam Burgess, BNP activist and in charge of the New Daily Patriot far right news site, Craig Farnworth, East Anglian EDL organiser, Ivan Humble, Shane Overton (Lincoln EDL), Sonya Greenberry-Coleman (Nottingham EDL) and Andy Reynolds (East Anglian EDL). Those who maybe going include Geoff Mitchell (East Anglian EDL), Louise Walsh (Nottingham EDL), Dom Woodhead (Keighley EDL), Tony Ball (Sunderland EDL), John Morrow (EDL) and Roy Wolfshead (CxF). The list of those invited includes British Freedom Party founder, Simon Bennett, Derbyshire BNP organiser, Paul Hilliard and Derbyshire BNP candidate, Emma Roper.

Dean Everitt: Organiser of the Boston Protest Group and currently under investigation for assault and criminal damage

Tracie Bird, EDL speaker, partner of Tony Curtis and going to Boston this weekend 

Sam Burgess, organiser of EDL demo in Norwich and fond of getting off on his own reflection

Craig Farnworth, BNP activist who runs the New Daily Patriot

Lincoln EDL member, Shane Overton, gets ready to “peacefully protest”

Considering the mess the EDL and BNP are in at the moment this could be a relatively big event for them and there will doubtless be more turning up who aren’t foolish enough to announce their presence on Facebook. It is quite hard to see how they this fits in with the stated mission of the EDL to combat “Islamic extremism” but when times are hard the far right turn to whatever cause they think is populist and likely to garner support for their own flagging organisations.

Local migrant rights organisations have expressed their worry about the demonstration turning ugly and resulting in violence and harassment of migrant workers and their families in the area. Given the kind of people who are pledging to turn up and the followers they will bring with them, it does not seem unreasonable. Let’s hope the people of Boston show them the same lack of respect they have done so far.




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