Brighton Prepares To Play It Again

20 12 2012

As well as reacting to fascism when it rears it’s ugly head on our streets, antifascists are also keen to build links in positive ways within communities. Talks, gigs, dinners, public meetings and film showings are a handful of things that not only bring people together to raise funds, but are a vital link to people outside of the movement and a chance for activists to share ideas and experiences within a relaxed environment.

Sunday the 9th December saw Brighton Antifascists host a big screen matinee showing of Casablanca (poster below). The event turned out to be a huge success with 170 people turning out to watch the classic film set in the struggle against fascism, the venue for the event is billed as ‘the oldest continuously operating purpose built cinema in Britain’, adding to the great atmosphere. Local activists were joined by supporters and members of the general public to make the showing a huge success. The matinee started with a short speech by a member of the group about the need to continue to fight fascism in all its forms and drew attention to the threat to Brighton, when the MFE, EDL, and Casuals United again threaten to bus in their supporters to have a go at the locals on 21st April 2013.

Aside from the fact that the three fascist groups heading to Brighton all hate each other whilst sharing membership, we can now see the EDL is no longer trying and hide behind the old lie that they are  fighting Muslim extremism, or Sharia Law. The visit to Brighton is for no other purpose than to have a pop at the locals who drove the fascists from the streets last year. Ironically the far right have recently pretended to care about animal rights, women’s liberation, and in the past the EDL even had an LGBT  division. If they actually believe in this stuff why do they target Brighton? Anyone would think they are full of shit?

Needless to say Brighton Antifascists will again be working on a welcoming committee for April 21st, If the town is going to be disrupted by far right extremists we may as well tell em’ where to go!! Keep an eye out on Brighton Antifascists Blog and on here.



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