Manchester Group Gets Organising!

6 02 2013
Aca Manchester

Anti-Capitalist Action

It seems like things are really coming along at the moment – Introducing our new friends ACA Manchester!! As most people will be aware the hardcore EDL hangers on are planning to hold some sort of flop in Manchester on the 2nd March. There’s plenty written about it elsewhere but from our point of view it’s forming up to be a nice day out.

It seems our new pals have reclaimed the letters A.C.A from the irrelevant far right group ‘anti communist action’ – which tried, and failed, to counter AFA a good decade or so back!

ACA Manchester have been out and about In Manchester engaging with the public to talk about the threat the far right poses, here’s a cheeky write up of their last leafleting session-

ACA members had their hearts broken today as we were present in Market Street for yet another promised date that the EDL stood us up on. The EDL had made *specific promises* to personally greet us and some of our friends as we leafleted about the upcoming counter-demonstration against their demonstration on the 2nd of March. We feel that this may have damaged our relationship with the fascists to such an extent that we will never trust them again, especially seeing as we waited for about 5 hours for them to arrive. 

Regardless, we handed out hundreds of leaflets to the public and received an overwhelmingly positive response, and also fostered links with other activists in the area.’

Although the area’s around Greater Manchester may be strong holds for the far right, Manchester itself will most likely be having non of it when the lard lads roll in. See you on the streets!



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