Call outs for Saturday

14 06 2013
Apologies for people who have been checking this blog to find it unattended – Please be assured it is not due to anything other than the current author being tied up with more pressing anti-fascist matters! Anyway this weekend for those in the south-
Posted on June 9, 2013 (re-post from Essex Antifascists) 


UPDATE: for the meeting point email

IMPORTANT: If you are traveling from Colchester or London, please email

On the 15th June, the English Defence League plan to hold a meeting in Southend, The Britannia Pub, SS1 2ER at 1pm. We are not willing to let this happen.

Whether it be a march, gathering or meeting – fascists must be countered at every opportunity. This is why locals are calling on anti-fascists from Essex, London and beyond to join them on the 15th June, in Southend, to say no to the EDL.

And this weekend for those in the North:

EDL/Casuals(ha ha)/National Front/Infidels – yea, all the usual ‘dual carding’ scumbags, are having a demo in Ashton Under Lyne, in the Greater Manchester Area on Saturday. The demo is about some Asian lads scrapping with some white lads at a bus stop. We don’t know what started the fight, but the fascists are claiming this is a case of ‘anti-white’ racism….we couldn’t make this shit up if we tried!! The EDL meet up point is Ashton train station at 12.00. UAF are doing something at the town hall around the same time.

All the Best to those travelling tomorrow, and to those organising in their localities!

Just for fun here’s a picture from the casuals united blog – eeee, I don’t know….I’d expect a good kicking if I stood at a bus stop dressed like that!

Yea, check those cats out daddio!!

Hot Damn! Check out those cool cats  daddio!!



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