UPDATE on anti-Tommy Robinson demo, Sat 14th July

10 07 2018

Facebook event

Four days to go until our opposition to the next ‘Free Tommy’ anti-Muslim hatefest in central London.

We will be meeting at 1pm at the International Brigades Memorial in Jubilee Gardens on the south bank of the river and will march from there.

In case you missed the news, the racist far-right are mobilising around a campaign to free Tommy Robinson, the notorious Muslim-hating ex-head of the EDL, sent to prison for interfering with a grooming gang court case. Their last demonstration in London brought 10,000 violent bigots on to the streets, screaming anti-Muslim abuse, threatening and attacking people. This was the largest far-right demo in Britain since the 1930s.

It is really important to make this as big as we can and to show opposition to this huge new surge in the far-right and to start building a fightback.

How you can help

This ‘Free Tommy’ demo is obviously the next day after the huge anti-Trump demonstrations on Friday 13th. We will be out leafletting on the Friday and trying to persuade as many people as possible to come out again the next day and that the struggle against Trump is the same as the struggle against the far-right in Britain.


You can help by spreading the word online and on social media – try and persuade as many people as possible to come. Check out our Facebook and Twitter. Also we have flyers, posters and stickers for distribution. There are flyers and posters to download and print out here.

If you’re in London message Plan C London on Facebook to get your hands on more publicity to distribute.

Donate to us! All this costs money and we don’t have any money. The cheque from George Soros never came! Hit the donate button on our home page and chuck us the price of a pint.


Some antifascist groups are organising transport to London for the 14th – contact Brighton Antifascists or Bristol Antifascists if you are nearby to them.

Also Stand up to Racism (an organisation we do not endorse, details provided for information) are organising some cheap coaches around the country coming down for the 14th. Details here.


If you want to come down for the anti-Trump protests on Friday and stay over, there are lots of cheap coaches coming from around the country for Friday – details here, and there will be emergency accommodation in an occupied building Friday night. Check the NFA Antifascists Facebook and Twitter for details of location from Thursday night onwards.

Run-down of the day

The main ‘Free Tommy’ demo is advertised for 3pm in Whitehall, but from past experience there will be large numbers of far-right supporters in the area from relatively early on.

Policing is likely to be fairly heavy and certainly numerous. Last time the Tommy crowd ran rampage and chased the cops off at one point, so no doubt Plod will be keen for that not to happen again.

As well as our mobilisation there is also a counter-mobilisation from Stand up to Racism (as said before, we do not endose them, details provided for information) – they are meeting at Old Palace Yard between 1 and 2pm and marching to Whitehall at 2pm from there.

An extra spanner in the works is a far-right ‘Welcoming Trump’ rally that was to be held at the new US Embassy in Nine Elms at 12. They were planning to then march from there to Whitehall, but the police have not been keen. It is currently slightly unclear if this will happen. Any information appreciated.

Another slightly weird addendum is that Lucy Brown (who used to be Tommy Robinson’s right hand woman until she unceremoniously got the sack for accidentally inviting a Muslim to an anti-Muslim rally) has organised a ‘Welcome Trump’ party at a pub in West London in the evening of the 14th, but its £33 a ticket so we’re guessing not a lot of the Tommyoids are going to pass up Wetherspoons for that.

However, if you want to contact the pub and ask them what they like so much about such an odious man as Trump:

Marian and Damien Smyth,

07778 707000

The Jameson, 43 Blythe Road, West Kensington, London, W14 OHR

Or leave them an online review:









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17 07 2018

Dude – Who branded you a fascist? Seems you protest a bit much. You might have noticed all the flags everywhere what with the football and all. Is anyone going around attacking those people for being fascists? No.

Not only do antifascists burn ISIS flags, antifascists are fighting and dying in the fight against ISIS in Syria (see below), which is more than any of the ‘Free Tommy’ lot have ever done, who just yell at female bus drivers, pull Hitler salutes and attack trade unionists…

See here: https://twitter.com/SabCharlie/status/1018416598707789824

17 07 2018

If I support the George Flag and the Union Jack , does that make me far right or Fascist and Racist? At least Tommy Robinson had the balls to burn a Nazi flag , would you do the same to a ISIS flag at your so called anti – Fascist rally??? Im a middle of the road man trying to get along with life who is proud as hell of my heritage and my country. Both groups have faults in their ideology but I get a trifle annoyed at being branded a fascist because I love my flag.


12 07 2018
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11 07 2018

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11 07 2018

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10 07 2018
UPDATE on anti-Tommy Robinson demo, Sat 14th July – Anarch.Info

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