How to set up an anti-fascist group


Get active:

If you want to do something about the presence of the far-right in your local area or do something in your area about fascism generally, the answer is to start getting active. Don’t worry if you don’t have loads of people, just a few activists can make good decisions, support each other and share any work.

Get organising:

Most anti-fascist groups start from few friends. Look around amongst your mates: who is pissed off about the far-right on the streets and in public life? Who wants to do something about it? Who thinks that petitions and demanding politicians to do something are not the only options? Who has participated in any actions? One local AFN group expanded after a call out to block a fascist meeting in a local pub; another developed from an existing group involved in direct action. Trust between anti-fascists is usually built up over actions.

Discuss together what type of group you want to build. The AFN does not impose any political line on local groups or tell them how to campaign in local areas that have very different political cultures, but you may want to consider how ‘public’ or ‘closed’ you want your group to be. Do you simply want to support AFN street actions? Or might you want to get involved in relevant networks, such as migrant solidarity groups, or even host community meetings? There are AFN groups that do just one, some or all of these things. No AFN group works with the police or is affiliated to a political party. All try to work non-hierarchically.

The basics:

A group needs an email address that can be safely publicised so other anti-fascists can make contact. Most AFN groups use a version of

A group should meet regularly. This helps anti-fascists react more effectively to fascist threats; it keep activists working together and enables the planning of future activities.

It is helpful to have a mix of skills in your group. Not everyone has to be a readymade confident street activist. AFN also relies on people who are willing to send emails and print leaflets.


First moves:

It is important to mark your presence in your area. Promoting anti-fascist ideas is very important because it counters the far-right in a public space and shows people with ideas similar to yours that they are not alone.

One of the easiest ways of doing it is by using stickers. If you lack ideas for your own designs or you don’t have graphic skills, the internet is full of ready to use examples. Write to us and we will help you to organise printing.

Other cheap and good ways of spreading the message are flyposting, spray-painting and stencils.


Self-defence and physical fitness:

Fascists are bullies by their very nature and being active against them means you should have certain knowledge of self defence. Many AFN groups undertake self-defence training together or sign up to martial arts classes. At the very least you should try to work on your physical fitness by running or training with a punch bag. Training together improves the group dynamic as well as helps personal confidence in difficult situations.

Sustaining your group: ideas for on-going actions:

Some groups have regular film nights and discussion nights.
All groups have to consider how to fundraise. Participating in any local social centre helps with booking rooms for fundraising events but monies can be raised by collection boxes in bookshops, stalls at friendly political meetings and cultural events or organising fundraising gigs.

Digital activism:

A group can quickly establish a name through an internet presence and social networking but it needs to put effort into maintaining it. If you have people that write good articles, consider setting up a blog for your group. The WordPress platform is the best for that purpose. A Facebook page is another good way of spreading your ideas in the form of news, graphics, events and short comments, but keep in mind that a FB profile has to be tightly controlled due to security reasons and we would recommend keeping all messages and conversations off it.

Twitter is another excellent way of spreading your message. Educate yourself about basics of internet security as it is really important not to divulge too much information online. Keep your internet presence professional.

For more help and pointers for how to get active check out our ‘Resources for anti-fascist action’.

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7 06 2015
Resources for anti-fascist action | Anti-Fascist Network

[…] How to set up an anti-fascist group […]

11 11 2016

Paradoxically, fascist and anti-fascist tend to amount to the same thing in practice.

16 11 2016

Yes of course, the united communities of the east end successfully opposing mosely’s blackshirts 80 years ago were *just the same* as the British Union of Fascists weren’t they? Same goals, same ideas, same uniforms – everything. Its amazing anyone could tell them apart…

7 06 2015
More notes from the struggle: early June round-up | Cautiously pessimistic

[…] workfare at B&M stores on June 27th, and the Anti-Fascist Network have published two guides to setting up a local anti-fascist group and resources for action, which are worth a read for anyone thinking about getting […]

15 10 2015

I want join a org.

10 11 2015

I am trying to get a 161 crew up and running in Glasgow initially with the view to expand to the west of Scotland and eventually every Scottish city and town and I would like any information and help that can be given to make it a reality. I hope that you will be able to help in any way possible as we have a right-wing presence albeit underground groups popping up here and there, we need direct action and I intend to carry it out along with any and all comrades who will stand their ground.

21 03 2016

Got a group up and running now in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

25 03 2016
26 03 2016
Daniel svoboda

Hi,I live between Sydney,near Newcastle in Australia,we have Sydney antifa&Canberra who I speak to quite regularly,I’ve spotted several neo max is in the Newcastle area which is a worry,had some conflict with one recently,anyway I think there’s a need for antifa in the Port Stevens/Newcastle area in Australia,I’d be interesting in helping with this with help from others,let me know what you think,solidarity&keep up the good work.

18 04 2016
Darren Wells

Thanks for the info. A friend and I are starting Scarborough Anti-Fascists and hoping to get this town to wake up with direct action. We have the motivation and my friend certainly has the experience to drive the right out of Scarborough when needed.
I’m sure I’ll have contact with you in the future, keep up the cracking work.

23 10 2016

I want to join

16 11 2016

if you are interested let us know where you are based – we have contacts and groups in various areas and also a guide to setting up your own group, which we may be able to help you with.

29 10 2016
How to set up an anti-fascist group – Antifascist Actions In KOREA

[…] Source: How to set up an anti-fascist group […]

10 11 2016
Elijah Moss

I live in Rockwood, TN. I’m a Deleuzian Communist. Thanks for the information. I needed something to help get the left organized around these parts for awhile.

10 11 2016
The Fall of Hillary and the Rise of Fascism is Our Opportunity (Gonzo & Conjure ’16 | The Conjure House

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10 11 2016
11 11 2016
How to set up an anti-fascist group – Gene's Community Blog

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12 11 2016
Brexit, Trump, rising nationalism, and what you can do. | Van Rants

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13 11 2016

Where do the NYC antifascists hang out?

16 11 2016

im afraid we’re a UK based network so not very well informed about that. i believe there’s a group though: //

13 11 2016
How To Set Up A Local Anti-Fascist Group To Fight Trump's AmeriKKKan Fourth Reich - Counter Current News

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20 11 2016
An Antifascist Response to the Trumpist Future | NYC ANTIFA

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21 11 2016
Anti-Fascist Network: How to set up an anti-fascist group - Class War

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25 11 2016
How to set up an anti-fascist group |

[…] Source: How to set up an anti-fascist group […]

1 12 2016

How does The defense fund work?

7 12 2016

guess you’re referring to this:

website explains fairly well

17 12 2016
The Ones Who Walk Away | The Hall of Twisted Mirrors

[…] a proponent of free culture in defiance of copyright. Most recently, I have taken an interest in antifas and cop watchers who stand up to hatred and unjust power in ways that are not always polite, […]

22 04 2017
Physical Resistance Festival – a big success and back next year! | Anti-Fascist Network

[…] How to set up an anti-fascist group […]

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