Observations From The Playground

16 05 2012

We’ve all seen the change in tactics of the far right recently, as the hardcore grew too extreme for the EDL, and the fluffy patriot facade blurred into full scale street fascism.

Most people will have been keeping an eye on the goings on in Liverpool recently, in which a small gang of fascists turned up to have a go at a picket line of striking workers. Rather than repost the articles here, click on Libcom for a write up or see the one on Liverpool Anti-fascists blog to find out more about the incident.

Once again the fascists seemed to do little else but try to single people out, and of course call the trade unionists ‘paedos’. One guy got arrested and the other mugs wondered off, seemingly without much confrontation (although I’m sure it came as a shock to people who are not used to seeing this kind of thing). The fascists once home then decided to make a facebook page dedicated to calling a chap from  Liverpool Antifascists a ‘Paedo Lover’ (the page has been shut down by facebook). This really highlights the mentality of the people we are opposing here, to say they have a brain age of a 13 year old is definitely unkind to teenagers, but seriously, making a baseless facebook page about someone you don’t like is truly pathetic!  The fact that it was based on the fascists own fantasies rather than any evidence just makes them appear weak, and clutching at straws, desperate to try and fool people into believing them. It didn’t seem to work very well anyway, when I checked it out all the messages on the site were from antifas calling the scum out!

Playground Bullys In Liverpool Last Week Before Going Home To Update Their Status!

So they behave like dumb kids on the internet, but how about real life? From experience it seems they want to be the playground bully, perhaps trying to make up for something that happened in their early years. In general they only attack when they have much more significant numbers, or the most aggressive one singles someone out. From personal experience, they mouth off,  but once confronted most fascists will run, or try to turn it into a discussion before skulking off (and then quickly writing on their facebook accounts that anti-fascists are all thugs).

This is why we advocate numbers on the street, whatever your level of commitment, the hardest part is getting out of bed (and coping with the boredom that sometimes comes with fash watching at demos). When faced with a mob 9 times out of 10 they bottle it.

As for ‘Casuals United’, many of us are not sure that they have many casuals at all for the following reasons:

  1. There are not a huge amount of firms in the UK. Those that do exist are made up of a cross section of lads, most of whom ain’t fascist or racist.
  2. Loads of the blokes who go on about their firms are old (too old), and talking about the ‘good old days’ when hooliganism was at it’s height. They are not effective opponents.
  3. Most of the younger lads seem to have watched a few footy hooligan films, bought a Stone Island cap, and call themselves casuals without any real knowledge.
  4. The idea of ‘uniting’ the casuals for a common cause doesn’t really make sense, if you’re in a firm you leave the politics at the door and fight together, against other firms. Whilst many firms contained NF and other far right in the ’80s & ’90s, they also had guys from Red Action, and AFA.

An example of this was seen in Brighton the other week. 6 ‘casuals’ in a pub, 6 anti-fascists walk in. The Nazis jump to their feet & one picks up a chair – the chair is quickly taken off him and thrown to the side, the lads leg it, to the amusement of the anti-fascists trying to keep their town tidy! (Hopefully we’ll be getting an article through soon about militant left casuals.)

So what’s trying to be said here really is that we need to look after each other, like in Liverpool last week, stick together, don’t let the scum bully people. For people who shy away from confrontation, there’s always other work to be done, but just try challenging a racist next time you overhear them in a pub, you’ll be surprised how quickly they get embarrassed when stood up to! Also we should always remember that MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT RACIST, and yes, most people are against extremist religion…and paedos!!

(these are just my thoughts, in the next few months updating the blog will be passed onto another group to keep things nice and democratic! Anti Fascist Always!)




9 05 2012
We were going to do a full(er) report on the EDL demo in Luton, but it seems apart from the EDL getting about a third of the numbers they expected on Saturday, there is literally fuck all to report. Instead here’s a re-post from Liverpool Anti-Fascists for those who have not yet seen it – a local reaction to the case that saw the far-right trying to jump on the band wagon, and accusing all those who oppose them of being peado’s!

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NB: This post was published here yesterday. It has been updated slightly to reflect subsequent developments.

Nine men have been found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court of operating a child sex ring in Rochdale. The verdict sees all of the offenders jailed, and will hopefully offer some closure to the victims and their families. There is no doubt at all that these were truly horrendous crimes, made worse after police cock-ups allowed them to go undetected for two years.

The trial is the same one which saw a mob of 100 fascists demonstrating outside the courts andrioting against Asian-owned businesses in Rochdale. For the far-right, the case has been proof of a so-called epidemic of Muslim grooming gangs terrorising white girls because they view them as easy meat. It also inspired conspiracy theories about a “news blackout” as a result of political correctness, and “cultural Marxist” complicity in “racist” sexual attacks on whites. Thus, any opposition to the British National Party, North West Infidels or others exploiting the case was portrayed as “supporting” paedophiles.

However, there can be little doubt that the far-right was exploiting the case. To see their attempts to whip up hysteria over the issue, you need only look at the “Labour 25.” The website was set up by Liverpool BNP (now National Front) members as a way to associate the Labour Party with child abuse, contains blatantly doctored pictures, distortions, and outright lies. Not to mention that 0.015% of the Labour Party’s total membership being convicted of paedophilia is about consistent with the percentage of paedophiles in the country as a whole. It’s not at all like, as the far-right’s rhetoric implies, there is a large and organised bloc of child sex offenders within the party doing their utmost to push pro-paedophilia legislation.

The fascists’ willingness to brand anybody as a paedophile for virtually any reason underlines that their motives are purely reactionary. They have not been at the courts to support the victims, and indeed their violent antics during the protests nearly wrecked the whole case. As those who suffered at the hands of these men relived their harrowing ordeal, the knobheads outside the court wanted only to wave flags and piss about.

Since the verdict, there has been further evidence of far-right attempts to wreck the trial, with BNP leader Nick Griffin tweeting leaked jury deliberations and the North West Infidels revealing the name of one man whose identity was subject to reporting restrictions. This is due to him being charged in other, ongoing cases which may now be prejudiced as a result of his name being leaked.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t serious questions to be answered. Not the least of which should be why the police convinced victims as far back as 2008 not to press charges. This allowed the crimes to continue for a further two years, only lengthening the ordeal and suffering. There will now be an independent investigation into why this happened, and rightly so.

Rather than any kind of cultural Marxist plot to cover up the crimes of Muslims, however, this fits in with how sexual offences are dealt with generally. With a 6% conviction rate, rape cases as a whole are dealt with poorly – and up to two thirds do not go beyond the investigation stage. This betrays not some politically correct agenda, but rather a horrendous attitude to sex crimes which makes it difficult for victims to seek – let alone get – justice.

The question of race and/or religion is a lot harder to pin down. Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of The Ramadhan Foundation, says that “they think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought; it is this sort of behaviour that is bringing shame on our community.” Whereas Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood of Greater Manchester Police believes that this was simply a case of “adults preying on vulnerable young children” and “it just happens that in this particular area and time, the demographics were that these were Asian men.”

There is a strong case for both positions being true. Certainly, the statistics back up Heywood’s position, and we’re faced with an “outgroup homogenity bias,” whereby “if a white man commits a rape, he’s just a rapist but if a Pakistani does so, he’s a Pakistani rapist.” This (perhaps with Muslim exchanged for Pakistani) is where the far-right is coming from, and I have no doubt that their claims of the predators being “racist” is ridiculous.

That being the case, then, how can Shafiq also be right about a problem in the Muslim community? The answer, I’d posit, lies with multiculturalism. Specifically, in that the form of multi-racial society promoted by the state for the past decade.

As Brighton Solidarity Federation once put it;

[M]oney is parcelled out to different imaginary, homogenous ‘communities’ on a racial basis, under the control of ‘community leaders’ – who supposedly represent this entire community and repay this with votes. This corrupts the great lived experience many of us have with multiculturalism, into something repellent – official state ‘multiculturalism’ which explicitly divides people on the basis of race, and gives out money and favours on the basis of a series of different ‘communities’ who need representing.

As a result, this view that “white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought” is a convenient one for sexually repressed males looking for an outlet within a culture where socially conservative community leaders frown upon far more healthy expressions of sexuality. At the same time, because this phenomenon happens in areas where “communities” are segregated rather than where people mix freely regardless of race and religion, it is equally true to say that ”it just happens that in this particular area and time, the demographics were that these were Asian men.”

The ethno-nationalism of the far-right isn’t the answer to this, but only the other side of the same coin. In both cases the working class is divided against itself on the basis of arbitrary differences, only what are inadvertent effects of multiculturalism are the intent of fascism. Nazi sexual violence against Jewish women during the holocaust being a case in point. To move away from this kind of phenomenon, we need to move away from trying to package people into “communities.”

This won’t stop crimes such as the abuse of children. Ultimately, the actions of individuals have to be dealt with as such, and the vile acts committed by the men in this case fall on their heads alone. That they face some form of justice for this has to be a welcome result.

Liverpool Mayoral Candidates Crack Whilst Anti Fascists Apply Pressure

2 05 2012


On the left is Peter Tierney owner of Quiggins Attique, He’s an NF candidate supposed to be standing for Mayor of Liverpool. He got arrested yesterday for getting hot under the collar outside a court case involving a muslim peodophile gang, obviously his issue is that the gang is muslim, not peadophiles, as we’ve never seen him outside a case involving white peado’s!

On the right is Mike Whitby, he’s a BNP candidate also standing for Mayor of Liverpool. He got his door busted down by cops after refusing to come out for 6 hours and was then arrested. He faked a bunch of legal papers, “Under electoral law, a candidate must gather a proposer, seconder and 28 other signatures from electors in order to be eligible to stand as mayor.” – it seems he couldn’t get 28 people to support him so he did the next best thing, and made it up!

A couple of days earlier Liverpool Anti-Fascists Mobilised on a day the the North West Infidels were supposed to be having a day of action, the NWI ended up with two nutters on a roof in Halifax:

Here’s a repost from Liverpool Antifascists on thier day of action:


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Today was the Infidels of Britain’s nationwide day of “direct action.” In Liverpool, we were promised that the Scouse Infidels would be “busy bodies,” and they even had a special National Front “Vote Quiggins” banner for the occasion. In reality, Liverpool Antifascists got the drop on the far-right, who were nowhere to be seen in the city when it came to it.

In the morning, around 20 anti-fascists headed to Quiggins Attique on Aigburth Road. This is of course the shop owned by NF mayoral candidate Peter Tierney. We arrived at about 10am, with the shop due to open at 10.30, to unfurl our banner in front of the shop and begin handing out leaflets. The leaflets were about the mayoral elections generally and all three fascist candidates, but we did have posters (PDF) which underlined Tierney’s standing as a convicted, violent thug, and pointed out to those who took our leaflets exactly what the man was capable of.

Whilst we were there, the response we received from the public was almost universally positive. People took our leaflets, stopped to talk to us about fascism and offer us their thanks and support. The only exceptions were one racist old man who said he would vote for Tierney “if he’ll send the coloureds back,” and the man who lived above the shop.

He came out with a big dog on a leash and whirling a chain. He was clearly in the mood for a confrontation, though wide-eyed and clearly put out when nobody backed away from him. He accused us of kicking a door in, which was self-evidently false as no doors in the area had been kicked in, before declaring that he wasn’t part of anything. He quickly belied that, however, when he tried to threaten a female anti-fascist who gave him short shrift before he disappeared.

Throughout all this, Tierney remained inside the shop. He had been seen entering by the first comrades on the scene, and it was noted that he appeared to recognise at least one of them. After that, we heard nothing from him and the shutters remained down long after the scheduled opening time.

Our picket continued until midday, with leaflets dropped through letterboxes on the neighbouring streets as well as distributed to largely receptive passers-by. We then called it a day and packed up, to head into town with the expectation that the Infidels – who had failed to show in support of the man they’d had a banner made for – would be turning up at some point for their big day out.

Our scouts report that Tierney’s shop remained closed for well over an hour after the picket ended, only finally being seen open at 2pm. The wild-eyed upstairs neighbour, “nothing to do with all that,” was stood outside with his dog and his chain.

In the City Centre, we met up with anti-fascists who had been taking part in action under another banner. In Childwall, a fifty-strong counter demonstration against anti-abortion zealots was running concurrently with the picket. This, too, was highly successful and everyone was on a high when we reached town. However, the afternoon would be a chilled out one since it emerged that the Infidels had been bussed out to support a demo elsewhere in the North West.

Today underlines, yet again, that there is a world of difference between where the fascists are and where they think they are. The Infidels are the most radical of the active nationalist groups right now, having adopted anarchist tactics such as occupations and banner drops. They have also given a new lease of life to the National Front, formerly dead on its feet and not worth mentioning. But their “big” turnouts still require bussing loads of people in from across the country and – without a populist cause to exploit like paedophiles or “the IRA” – even that is often inadequate.

Not that anti-fascists should be complacent. February 18 happened because we dropped the ball, and subsequent victories were down to actively mobilising people and raising awareness of the physical threat the far-right potentially pose. As the struggle against fascism goes on, we need to keep mobilising people and getting feet on the street otherwise this trend will not continue.

Today was an unqualified victory, and all who took part should be proud. The task now is to continue to build our numbers, and a movement capable of waging effective direct action against the fascists time and time again. As Antifa once said,”we have already shown on numerous occasions that a relatively small number of dedicated antifascists can score decisive victories. Most of our actions and activities go unreported, but the fascists know and fear us. Imagine what a difference it would make if there were thousands of us.”

Repost – Antifascist Action In Liverpool

21 04 2012

Below is a re-post from LIBCOM 19/04/12. There are also articles about it on Liverpool Antifascists and on Truth Liberty & Reason.

“Today has been a bad day for UK fascism. There have been several arrests in dawn raids by anti-terror police following a tip off. They were then run off the streets by anti-fascists in Liverpool.

Today should have seen a debate at Liverpool University featuring all twelve prospective candidates. Amongst them was to be a BNPcandidate, an NF candidate, and on from the English Democrats.

As soon as it was announced that the fascists were to be given a slot at the debate, a demonstration was called by Liverpool Anti-Fascists. The event was cancelled with two days’ notice. There have been several reasons suggested as to why but it would seem that the University has bowed to pressure from students, and the added concerns of security and safety.

Despite there being no debate, we decided to still have a rally at the university. Numbers had understandably not what they would have been had the debate actually taken place but we numbered around forty.

Soon after the first speaker had started we received word that a group of around twenty boneheads had left a pub in the city centre, and were heading up to find us.

We decided to walk towards them and meet them half way. We didn’t have to look too hard to find them. Around thirty fascists came towards us, signalling their intent by aggressively throwing a plastic bottle of strawberry milkshake in our direction. Blows were exchanged between four of five people before the police came around the corner. We stood our ground as several fascists sprinted down a side street, whilst the others quickly made their way back across the road.
Within minutes there was thirty or forty police between us and the fascists. Following a quick discussion we decided to cross over and confront the fascists. Not as confident as they were initially they just stood still and allowed the police to push us back.

Over the next thirty minutes we managed to push the fascists back towards the town centre. Every time we moved, they move back. They were more than happy to stand behind the police, call people ‘faggots’, ‘paedo’s’, ‘IRA’, etc. They even accused of being anti-working class, ironic considering that they are all NF street thugs acting on the orders of a millionaire local businessman.

One comrade was arrested for a public order offence after he attempted to break the police lines and get at the Nazi’s. The confrontation ended as the fascists were escorted back into the city centre by the police. A small group of antifascists then made their way to the local police station to show some support for the arrested comrade.

As always seems to be the case recently, most of the fascists had come from outside the North West. Several of them were boneheads from the Yorkshire area, involved with the National Front, and the British Peoples Party. One of the fascists who exchanged blows with anti-fascists was the BNP candidate from Birkenhead, Joe Killen.

It has been a bad day for the bone heads of the Infidels of Britain, NF. Firstly, several of them had been arrested by anti-terror police in dawn raids, and then their rag tag bunch of goons was embarrassed on the streets of Liverpool.

No Pasaran!”

So Looks like the toothless boneheads ain’t had a good time of it up in the North, Tomorrow it’s the South coasts turn to keep the streets  clean of the ‘new’ fascism. Check out the Brighton Anti-Fascists  blog for more info and also Stop MFE!