Remembering Pavlos Fyssas – this Thursday 18th

16 09 2014



Thursday 18th September marks one year since the death of Pavlos Fyssas – a Greek metal worker, anti-fascist and hip-hop artist who was knifed to death in the street in Athens by Golden Dawn neo-Nazis as police stood by and watched. His tragic death helped wake up the world to the danger of the Golden Dawn and Europe’s resurgent fascist movements.

Greek anti-fascist movements have called for this Thursday to be a Europe wide day of remembrance for Pavlos. There are events taking place across the continent on the 18th.

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‘Scum on Filth on Scum': Report of EDL demo in Rotherham

15 09 2014


Report on Saturday’s far-right Rotherham demo from UK Aktion blog.

Well it unsurprisingly transpired that the EDL National Demo in Rotherham yesterday was a shambles. Some sources put their numbers at 500, some at 1000+ maybe more; it is fair to say that yesterday Rotherham was a petri dish of right-wingers, crawling all over this issue like flies to shit. Without going into too much detail about the consequences of the hijacking of a public, emotional issue (as it has been addressed in the last couple days by both the Anti-Fascist Network and by ACABrighton, both posts are reblogged below) it is useful to have a quick summary of their day in town. The guest-list to this depressing party included the sordid likes of the NF, the BNP, the laughably the tiny crew of Infidels, as well as a couple jokers from Casuals United (aka. the Pie and Mash Squad). A report included in Malatesta’s blog states that the BNP “were spotted on the outskirts of town at a roundabout, such were their numbers I was unable to take a photograph. We passed the 7 of them in a split second and I hadn’t even got the cover open on my phone.” Yet, bizarre points of the day go to far-right extreme religious nutjobs, The World Church of the Creator, described here as “formed in the United States by a paedophile named Ben Klassen”, adopting “Adolf Hitler as their God!”.

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Anti-Fascist Network statement on the far-right and the Rotherham scandal

13 09 2014


It is the responsibility of anti-racists and anti-fascists to break the silence on the nature of the far-right’s presence in Rotherham.

By now virtually everyone in the country must be acquainted with the horrific details of the child sex abuse in Rotherham. As far as the extreme-right are concerned this is the perfect storm: a gang of Asian men with the connivance of ‘politically correct’ authorities engaged in systematic abuse of young white girls. The mainstream media are effectively spouting EDL press releases, while the EDL themselves accuse all those who oppose them of condoning paedophilia. Meanwhile, the whole spectrum of extreme right-wing groups have taken up residence in Rotherham, establishing a permanent camp outside the police station and holding marches and demonstrations through the town, all building up to today’s large ‘unity’ demonstration of all the racist groups.

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Third time unlucky for the fascists – victory in Cricklewood (again!)

4 09 2014


On Saturday 30th August the South East Alliance – a small splinter group of the EDL who have developed an unhealthy obsession with North West London – returned for the third time to Cricklewood. They were protesting about the presence in the area of what they allege to be offices of Egypt’s ex-governing party the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, being a bunch a swastika-waving, seig-heiling fascist goons, they weren’t going to be allowed to parade around and abuse people unopposed.

North West London United is a broad community mobilisation that was set up to oppose the fascists’ last visit to the area. NWLU organised at quite short notice to oppose the SEA but still managed to distribute thousands of leaflets, stick posters up all over NW London, and speak to countless locals.

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EDL demo in Colchester cancelled

3 09 2014


In case you didn’t already know via our twitter feed or Facebook, the planned EDL demo in Colchester for which Essex Anti-Fascists had been mobilising along with other groups has been called off by the EDL. This is the second time they have pulled out of a planned demo in the town.

After anti-fascists opposed their exploitative demo on the anniversary of Lee Rigby’s death, the fascists have been threatening furious vengeance on the people of Colchester who opposed them.

Their original publicity stated “it’s time to let the dogs loose” against “the fascists of the left”

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Antifascist Bournemouth

25 08 2014



Well done to all those who came out to oppose the EDL in Bournemouth on Saturday. Here’s how BHstopEDL summed up the day:

“The mood of the town was overwhelmingly in favour of a peaceful and inclusive protest to illustrate how united our communities are in their opposition to the EDL’s narrow racism. It’s probably the broadest spectrum of political opinion, gender, age group, ethnic origin and religious belief we’re ever likely to see gathered over a single issue. Above all it confirms that the ‘Islamification of Britain’ is just the paranoid fantasy of a tiny subculture.

The EDL support on the other hand, was overwhelmingly white, male and middle aged, consisting mainly of football hooligan firms from outside the county, who predictably ended up fighting amongst themselves.”
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Edinburgh says no to the SDL

23 08 2014


The people of Edinburgh today rejected the racism of the Scottish Defence League – the tiny and even nastier wannabe version of their southern cousins.

The SDL decided that the best place to display their ignorant racism was in Scotland’s capital in the middle of the world’s biggest cultural festival.

However, there were over 100 anti-fascists there to oppose them compared to under 50 of the SDL and their bussed-in English supporters.

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