Anti-fascist action in Cardiff this Saturday 25th

22 10 2014


Also this Saturday 25th,  across the country from Rotherham in Cardiff, the ‘Welsh Alliance’ are holding a demo against all the usual things fascists don’t like – all Muslims, all mosques, all immigrants etc. The Welsh Alliance demo seems to be mostly being promoted by the English Volunteer Force who are apparently also speaking at the event. Having your protest against ‘Islamist terrorism’ addressed by people who think it’s smart to name themselves after a Loyalist terror group might not be the most obvious choice but that’s fascists for you!

Anti-fascists including South Wales Anti-Fascist Action will be there to oppose them.

Facebook event

Full details to be released nearer the time.

Leeds Antifascists response to the Rotherham Abuse

22 10 2014

This coming Saturday, AFN affiliates Leeds Antifascists have organised a public protest in response to the far-right presence in Rotherham and the abuse scandal that led to it. Meet up at Rotherham Town Hall at Midday on the Saturday 25th Oct. Follow the Facebook Event page here for more info.

The leaflet produced by Leeds AFN advertising the event.

The leaflet produced by Leeds AFN advertising the event.

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An anti-fascist weekend in London

20 10 2014
London Anti-Fascists on the Kobane march

London Anti-Fascists on the Kobane march

This weekend was a busy one in the London area for anti-fascists with many attending the giant TUC march on Saturday and also an anti-IS pro-Kobane solidarity march on Sunday. As well as this AFN staffed stalls and held meetings at both the Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday and the Anarcha-Feminist conference on Sunday.

London Anti-Fascists, South London Anti-Fascists, the AFN and Dywizjon 161/Pozor Distro all had stalls at the Anarchist Bookfair, spreading the word and selling some excellent merchandise. If you missed your chance at the Bookfair, check out the stuff for sale online at Pozor and 161Crew.

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Fascists Have No Place in Portsmouth

14 10 2014
While most of the morons of the EDL were in Birmingham, the Portsmouth group abandoned their comrades to have a demo about a Muslim faith school. It didn’t exactly create good PR…
“Anti-Fascists easily outnumbered the 20 or so EDL in Portsmouth today. Even if they did have the mighty Waterlooville Defence League with them.”
Photo: Anti-Fascists easily outnumbered the 20 or so #EDL in #Portsmouth today. Even if they did have the mighty Waterlooville Defence League with them. PMSL. :D

It sounds like a lot of people just going about their business joined in telling the EDL where to go, as well as all the people who came out specially.

You can read more from the local paper.

Well done to all anti fascists out in Birmingham today!

11 10 2014



AFN groups hooked up with Birmingham UAF, Birmingham Strong Justice4ALL, unions, community groups and many others under the ‘We Are Birmingham’ banner this Saturday 11th. People came out despite the rain to demonstrate in Victoria Square together, making clear we reject the EDL’s vile and divisive message. Everyone seemed to enjoy the live music and a chance meet new people. One topic that came up a lot was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded yesterday to Malala, a Pakistani schoolgirl and activist now living in Birmingham. Read the rest of this entry »

Nazis in Newcastle

8 10 2014

Last Saturday 4th October, anti fascists in Newcastle opposed the National Front (NF) demonstration at Grey’s Monument in the city centre. The NF are white nationalists, openly old-school fascists, into Enoch Powell and swastikas. Presumably worried about anti fascists ‘jumping the pitch’ the NF organisers turned up over half an hour early. By midday they were joined by English Defence League, Scottish Defence League and North East Infidels supporters, showing the truth behind their online claims to hate Nazis. There were about 40 of them hanging around in all. Read the rest of this entry »

Bald men struggle over comb: Griffin booted out of the BNP

7 10 2014


Anti-fascists have been laughing themselves silly at the spectacle of Nick Griffin being chucked out of the party he led for 15 years. For many years the most recognisable and prominent fascist in Britain, Griffin has been unceremoniously ditched by a group of non-entities he once counted as some of his closest supporters.

Opposing factions in the BNP have been eyeing each other up since Griffin was eased out of the party leadership in July. Internal rumblings burst out into the open when Griffin produced a document claiming serious financial impropriety over wills and the shocking claim that the party had become a dictatorship. Surely not! Well, here’s the thing Nick, when it comes to fascism, that’s the idea.

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