Anti-EDL confrontation in Colchester

22 05 2015


Today saw anti-fascists in Colchester getting an early start as they met at the war memorial to oppose the EDL at 10am. Approximately 50 anti-fascists turned out on a weekday morning, which is not bad going and significantly outnumbered the EDL for the 3rd year in a row.

The EDL were supposedly commemorating the anniversary of the death of Lee Rigby by laying a wreath at the war memorial and yet again still couldn’t stop themselves pulling sieg heil Nazi salutes while standing on a war memorial. Classy!

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Stop the EDL in Colchester – this Friday 22nd 10am

18 05 2015


From Essex Anti-Fascists:

10 am
Colchester war memorial, Cowdray Crescent CO1 2PG

Facebook event

The English Defence League are returning to Colchester, once again using Lee Rigby’s tragic death to fuel their racist campaign, despite his family specifically asking for his death not to be exploited by such groups. This is not the first time the EDL have set upon Colchester, in previous years the fascists have ‘showed their respect’ by Sieg-Heiling at the war memorial.

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Against neo-Nazi terror – this Sat 23rd in central London

18 05 2015


From London Anti-Fascists:

1pm Saturday 23 May
Outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square

Facebook event

David Lane was a founding member of American neo-Nazi terror group The Order. He died in 2007 serving a 150 year prison sentence for his neo-Nazi activities. When The Order murdered liberal Jewish talk show host Alan Berg, Lane was the getaway driver. Lane was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan and coined the infamous ’14 words’ slogan, popular on the far-right.

On Saturday 23 May neo-Nazis will gather outside the US embassy to pay their respects to this racist piece of shit. This will be the third neo-Nazi protest supporting terrorists to take place outside the US embassy in the past six months. We say enough is enough, fascist events in central London need to end.

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EDL still trying to use Lee Rigby for their political gain

16 05 2015

Several branches of the EDL are planning events ‘in memorial’ of Lee Rigby, despite his family specifically asking for his death not to be exploited by such groups.

Essex Antifascists are organising against Colchester EDL’s march to the war memorial. Last year a small group of fascists stood awkwardly at the memorial whilst heckled by antifascists pointing out how disrespectful it is to use someone’s name for things they didn’t agree with.

Far right groups should not be tolerated demonstrating in any place, no matter what their excuse. Come to Colchester on the 22nd to make it clear! More details coming up.

Britain First upset Lee Rigby’s family by using the slogan ‘remember Lee Rigby‘ on their ballot paper entry in Wales. The Electoral Commission admitted it should not have allowed the far right party this slogan.

Brick Lane 1978

15 05 2015

Leeds AFN have brought this booklet about racism and resistance in Brick Lane in 1978 to our attention. After too much racism every day, the East Londoners organised and fought back…

Glad to hear Leeds AFN had a good time with their film night.

EDL fail to impress in Walthamstow

12 05 2015

[Sorry this was posted rather late due to some technical problems]

About 100 EDL only marched through Walthamstow on Saturday with the help of a gigantic police operation. A thousand anti fascists of all sorts turned out to oppose the racist march through this multicultural area. Some gathered at the Town Hall, the end, rally, point of the EDL march, while others tried to block the route at the beginning of the march near Blackhorse Road station. Here, police detained a large group of anti fascists for several hours but luckily changed their minds about arresting everyone, for nothing.

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Far-right election results

8 05 2015



In amongst the headline-grabbing triumphs and losses of the bigger parties in the election, another story goes rather less reported – how have the far-right and fascist parties fared?

Pretty appallingly, we are pleased to report.

The far right are finished as an electoral force. The election results for the BNP and others could not make this clearer. In 2010, the BNP stood and won 563,743 votes. In 2015, eight BNP candidates scraped together 1,667, in what must rank as one of the most humiliating collapses in British electoral history. Not a single one of their candidates polled over 1% of the vote. Anti-fascists should be congratulating BNP leader and Rotherham parliamentary candidate Adam Walker, who managed to reduce the BNP vote in the constituency from 3,906 in 2010 to 225 in 2015, on the way he has run the party’s election campaign.

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