All out to Newcastle! Shut down the “White Man March” on 21st March

2 03 2015


On Saturday 21st March neo-Nazis from across Europe will descend on Newcastle city centre for a protest they have billed as a “White Man March” – part of a coordinated day of action being organised by fascists around the world.

The primary backers of this protest are a group called National Action. They are an openly neo-Nazi youth group, who take inspiration from paramilitary fascist groups in Europe, but we expect the protest to attract all manner of scum from various racist and far-right groups.

National Action have been staging racist protests across the country for the past 18 months, trying to recruit on campuses and online. They produce vile racist propaganda, put up anti-Semitic graffiti and have made numerous attempts to intimidate those who oppose them.

This is their first attempt at a large scale public mobilisation. It’s time for us to show loud and clear that the streets are not safe for organised racists, fascists and neo-Nazis. It’s time to stop National Action and their ilk dead in their tracks.

We are calling on anti-fascists from across the UK and beyond to converge on Newcastle and ensure that the “White Man March” is over before the first goose-step. Get together with your comrades, organise, make plans, and get in touch with your local Anti-Fascist Network affiliated group.

More details will be available closer to the date.

See you on the streets!

Coming up in March…

27 02 2015

The Anti Fascist Network is all about getting out of our armchairs and on to the streets, so here’s a run through of what’s coming up. How will anyone know you oppose fascism if you don’t get out there and say so!


First up in March is an EDL national demo in Manchester on Saturday the 7th. The local UAF are organising a counter demo. It’s Piccadilly Gardens at midday. Read the rest of this entry »

EDL coming to Brighton, April 18th!

22 02 2015


EDL National demonstration in Brighton, April 18th. Alerta!

Originally posted on StopEDL:

The far-right English Defence League have announced a national demonstration in Brighton on 18th April 2015. With no Islamophobic issue to hang their demo from, it is clear the EDL simply want to cause trouble for the residents of Brighton because we are a tolerant and diverse community that has successfully defeated the racist March for England.

EDL in Brighton on a March for England a few years ago. EDL in Brighton on a March for England a few years ago.

StopMFE are disappointed that the EDL have decided to bring their drunken, racist caravan to Brighton. In previous years, Brightonions have risen to the occasion brilliantly in successfully seeing off the March for England with colourful mass demonstrations and blockades. We call on all the vibrant communities of Brighton to unite and stop the EDL’s message of hate.

Details are yet to be announced. Keep an eye here, or on our Twitter or Facebook.

No Pasaran!

The March for England have a crap time in Brighton, 2013. The March for England…

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Pegida UK: Nazis, Islamophobes and Anti-Semites.

18 02 2015

Originally posted on Brighton Anti-fascists:

Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the growth of the far-right in Europe over the last year can’t help but have noticed “Pegida” (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamification of Europe), a German group who have been marching every week for several months, drawing many thousand supporters in their home city of Dresden.

"Pegida" marching in Dresden last month. “Pegida” marching in Dresden last month.

Attempts to take the Pegida format beyond Dresden have been somewhat underwhelming. Low numbers and large antifascist counter-protests have dogged their demonstrations in cities like Cologne, Hannover and Berlin. With the creation of Pegida groups outside of Germany, this pattern of failure has only continued, with their attempt at marching in Malmö, Sweden, hilariously outnumbered.

Around 30 Pigeda clowns outnumbered by around 3000 antifascists in Malmö, Sweden. 30 Pigeda clowns outnumbered by around 3000 antifascists in Malmö, Sweden.

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Opposing the EDL in Dudley – reports and thoughts

9 02 2015


Some brief reports and thoughts from Dudley at the weekend.

Local and national media mostly seem to be repeating the police’s figures of 600 EDL and 50 anti-fascists. There are some divergences from this. Some media organisations estimated up to 1000 EDL. The UAF stated there were “several hundred” at their counter-demonstration to the EDL.

Midlands Anti-Fascists who called for a counter-mobilisation to the EDL reported:

“We didn’t have the best of days yesterday, with 27 Antifa being locked up for the day as a preventative measure. However, absolute solidarity to Berkshire Anti-Fascists, North London Anti-Fascists and Brighton Anti-Fascists for travelling up to support us. Yesterday we saw the fash protected by the police and the UAF stand around having their jolly as usual completely away from the EDL. Don’t believe the hype, it might have been reported that a militant wing of the UAF split off from the unity rally, but that was us and not them. As per.”

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Oxford shouts down Le Pen

6 02 2015

A lively crowd gathered in Oxford to voice opposition to Marine Le Pen, French fascist, speaking at the Oxford Union. The talk was delayed and many of the audience never made it inside, as antifascists blocked the entrance gate and climbed on the fences hanging banners. Le Pen was smuggled in and out the back by police, so presumably got at least a vague idea how unwelcome she is. Read the rest of this entry »

Shut down the EDL’s national demo in Dudley – Saturday 7th Feb!

4 02 2015


For demo details check Midlands Anti-Fascists Facebook event

This Saturday the EDL carry their racist travelling circus to Dudley in the Black Country. Like the fascists of the 1930s choosing to hold anti-Semitic marches through the East End of London, they target areas with a large Muslim population to parade their hatred through the streets and to intimidate and terrorise the population.

This march is the latest installment in the EDL’s campaign against the construction of a new mosque in Dudley. And of course, it being the EDL, violent measures are never far from the surface, as one Birmingham EDL activist makes clear:

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