Whatever happened to the Polish Nazis in the DFLA?

27 06 2019


In March we published an article about the DFLA Polish Division. We revealed open neo-Nazis in their ranks and how they worked as a personal security for Gerard Batten and Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson.

After we published it, the DFLA responded by stating that “an official investigation” would take place related to information they had received about Nazis in their ranks, suggesting that they knew nothing about this before we brought it to their attention.

Just how much investigating is needed to find out whether guys with swastikas and Combat 18 tattoos are Nazis or not, we are not exactly sure. We fail to see how the DFLA leadership couldn’t spot that the ‘sound lads’ from Poland at their general meeting and at a social afterwards were covered in Nazi tattoos and that they didn’t have a single look at any of their Facebook profiles.

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Tommy Robinson and UKIP recruit Polish Nazis as personal security

6 03 2019

“I despise Nazis as much as I despise Islamists.” – Tommy Robinson, October 2013

“The DFLA shuns the failed extremist politics, particularly far-left and far-right groups” – The DFLA, Mission Statement, 2019

“[Living in the UK] is now like living in … Nazi Germany” – Gerard Batten, UKIP leader, Dorset 2018

The Anti-Fascist Network has received evidence from anonymous sources within the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) that the DFLA have recently inaugurated a chapter of organised Polish Nazi hooligans. Furthermore we have learned that this group, that includes open Nazis in its leadership, was approached by the organisers of the #Panodrama event, held in Salford on the 23rd of February 2018, to provide security for Tommy Robinson and Gerard Batten, the leader of UKIP. We outline our information below.

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‘No to Tommy Robinson – No to Fortress Britain’ – A success for anti-fascists, a blow for Tommy Robinson

11 12 2018

Sunday was a successful day for anti-fascists.

The ‘Brexit Betrayal’ March

Tommy Robinson’s attempt to officially link up with UKIP and use the Brexit chaos to springboard himself into position as leader of some sort of right-wing Brexit resistance appears to have stalled somewhat. The ‘Brexit Betrayal’ demo seems to have got about 3000-5000 people out and didn’t really have a lot of energy. Despite a coming together of UKIP, the DFLA, Tommy’s fan-base and the Brexit vote a mere two days away, it failed to muster the energy or numbers that we had feared.

A few days prior to the demo Tommy Robinson had said: “If we pull off Sunday you will see the launch, and the momentum will build, for a revolutionist populist party and political movement in this country”.

Thankfully this didn’t look like the beginning of a far-right revolution. Compared to the ‘Free Tommy’ demos earlier in the year or DFLA demos from last year, this was small numbers. 3-5000 people turning out for a fairly explicitly far-right Islamophobic demo in central London is however, still very disturbing and not to be treated lightly.

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UPDATE on anti-Tommy Robinson demo Sunday 9th December

4 12 2018

Main Facebook event

Here’s the latest on what will be one of the biggest and most important mobilisations against the far-right this year.

Tommy Robinson and UKIP , supported by the DFLA have called a ‘Brexit Betrayal’ demo on Sunday 9th December. They are currently believed to be planning a re-run of the route of the October 13th DFLA demo from Park Lane to Whitehall, but new details may emerge over the next days.

The counter demo to this that was originally called for Parliament Square is now meeting at 11.00am at Portland Place, outside the BBC. This is supported by a large coalition of groups from across the left including Momentum, Plan C, Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly, Global Justice Now, ourselves and many others.

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Unite to stop Tommy Robinson on December 9th

29 11 2018

Facebook event here

Serial hate-monger Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (“Tommy Robinson”) has called a “Brexit Betrayal” march in London on Sunday December 9th in an attempt to stoke right-wing anger over the Brexit crisis and manoeuvre himself into position as leader of the angry, ‘betrayed’ Brexit voters.

Yaxley-Lennon has recently got himself appointed UKIP leader Gerard Batten’s “special advisor”. This finally seals the deal of UKIP’s steady march further and further right. Now they appear to be happy to be associated with an ex-BNP member, football hooligan, EDL founder and serial fraudster. Not that surprising given their recent history, but still a significant point – a political party that won the last Euro elections is now so closely linked with Tommy Robinson.

This is a critical moment. If at a moment of national crisis with everything up in the air, a racist Islamophobe like Tommy Robinsion is allowed to position himself as the representative of everyone who voted for Brexit and foment a right-wing backlash with himself at the front of it, far-right politics will be pushed even further into the mainstream.

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Report: October 13th – We Go Where We Want

15 10 2018

by London Antifascists

There’s no doubt about it, #stopdfla was a good day out for anti-fascists, and an absolutely terrible showing for the Democratic Football Lads’ Alliance. Over 1000 militant antifascists from a broad coalition of groups mobilised for a vibrant, proudly anti-fascist unity demonstration which didn’t allow the police or the fascists to set its agenda. It went, for the most part, where it wanted. The addition of another 500-800 participants on a Stand Up To Racism rally in Old Palace Yard meant that, for the first time in London in 2018, anti-fascists outmatched what the far right were able to pull onto the street. The Unity demo’s call out was for Portland Place at 12pm, and ten minutes after noon the numbers of anti-fascist protesters, ranging from seasoned to newly recruited activists, was quickly growing. Soon afterwards, a large and dynamic contingent of women and non-binary anti-fascists approached the meet up point to join the Anti-Fascist Network grouping, and our numbers swelled. Anticipation among the crowds grew, and despite intel suggesting a potential risk of the demo being attacked by fascist hoolies at the meet up point, everyone assembled safely. We’re confident if they did happen to be in the area they’d have taken one look at our numbers, how organised our blocs were, and thought better of it.

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All out against the far-right DFLA on Saturday 13th!

9 10 2018



As you may have already heard, Tommy Robinson’s footsoldiers, the ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’, otherwise known as the EDL Mk2, are planning on marching in London this Saturday 13th October. The DFLA have formed the backbone and the main numbers on the streets for all the recent hate-filled Islamophobic ‘Free Tommy’ protests, including the demo back in July where RMT trade unionists got attacked in the pub and a female Muslim bus driver was surrounded and taunted.

The DFLA have attracted all the elements of the old far-right – at their most recent demo in Sunderland they marched with EDL and BNP members as well as members of banned neo-Nazi terror group National Action. The DFLA includes members convicted of racist and far-right violence. They are happy associating with white supremacist groups like Generation Identity and their leaders hang out with with Ulster Loyalist terrorists and post Nazi propaganda online.

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5 ways to be an ace Antifa

22 09 2018

By Berkshire Antifascists

The DFLA are coming to London on October 13th. Wanna know you can help out and be a proper-good-Antifa? Well now that Antifa has become an SEO friendly term, you can’t move for thinkpieces and blog posts. We thought we’d join in with our very own listicle. We’re like, totally top content-creator millenials too, you know.

Jez 2

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UPDATE on anti-Tommy Robinson demo, Sat 14th July

10 07 2018

Facebook event

Four days to go until our opposition to the next ‘Free Tommy’ anti-Muslim hatefest in central London.

We will be meeting at 1pm at the International Brigades Memorial in Jubilee Gardens on the south bank of the river and will march from there.

In case you missed the news, the racist far-right are mobilising around a campaign to free Tommy Robinson, the notorious Muslim-hating ex-head of the EDL, sent to prison for interfering with a grooming gang court case. Their last demonstration in London brought 10,000 violent bigots on to the streets, screaming anti-Muslim abuse, threatening and attacking people. This was the largest far-right demo in Britain since the 1930s.

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Posters and flyers to download for anti-Tommy Robinson demo on July 14th

27 06 2018

We need to spread the word and get feet on the streets against the far-right ‘Free Tommy’ demo in London on July 14th. Facebook event here

To get you started, here’s some downloadable posters and flyers.

Let us know what you do with them and any issues or thoughts.

Click on the images to download print-ready PDFs. Stick it through a photocopier and bob’s your uncle!

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