EDL-Casuals clashing over Brighton and general fail

10 06 2012

EDL-Casuals clashing over Brighton and general fail

The deepening rift between the arseholes of the EDL and the cunts of the Casuals looks set to widen after key figures on both sides line up to dish the dirt on each other as Yaxley gets billed for Marsh gas’ second fuck up in Brighton

After the Casuals had their arses handed to them for a second time in Brighton it would appear that the EDL are less than happy with Joe “The Mouth” Marsh especially as the diminutive dickhead from Luton has been handed a bill by the police for the operation to save Marshy’s worthless arse from anti-fascists and the ordinary people of Brighton who quite rightly objected to a load of lager swilling idiots befouling their town
The unexpected bill has led to condemnation from official EDL sources of Marshy as a coward who leaves demo’s he has organised as early as 2pm via the safest backdoor of a pub that he can find leaving the rest of his lads to cover for him in the face of a large group of hostile anarchists intent on christening the dodgy div’s trainers.
It would appear that the bollock-brain from Barry is out of favour with the rest of the EDL after running from his own demo, leaving other fascists to face the music and now expecting Uncle Tommy to pay for his mistakes from his coke fund.
Accusations and counter accusations abound from all sides heated all the more after a disastrous day for the far right as both the BNP demo and the EDL in Rochdale fail to make a dent in the nation’s conscience with only approx 35 turning up to the BNP do and less than 500 at the EDL’s equally damp squib
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