EDL in Hebden Bridge

10 06 2012

EDL in Hebden Bridge

from IMC UK, see http://indymedia.org.uk/en/2012/06/496927.html?c=on#comments

Yesterday around 30 EDL descended on Hebden Bridge after the Rochdale demo. They

draped their banners outside the shoulder of mutton pub and began to chant anti Islamic abuse.

Some local anti fascists attempted to confront the group but they were threatened by EDL supporters. The police had no control over the situation and were simply a laughing stock. One of the EDL began arguing with a local anti fascist when the EDL supporter punched the anti fascist in the face. The fascist friendly police put the thug in the back of the van and gave him a caution and then allowed him to walk off.

The EDL displayed placards against Islam, even though there are no muslims in Hebden Bridge, this entire depressing fiasco was clearly an attack on anti fascists and nothing to do with radical islam. As we walked past the EDL we were verbally abused and called “traitors” eventually the group left and went back to the station, the thugs that carried out the attack were from Halifax and leeds.



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