Walthamstow Call Out Part Deux

21 10 2012

After their miserable day out in Walthamstow a few weeks back, the EDL have promised to return for another demonstration, this coming Saturday, the  27th October – this time without co-operating with the police.  At the last demo they managed to get a measly 300 people out compared to the thousands of locals and anti-fascists that opposed them. Fuck only knows how they think they are going to fare without police protection.

To add to the racists problems 53 of them, including the leaders, got nicked on Saturday as they tried to plan an attack on a London Mosque by all hiding in the back of a removal van!! Those who got nicked are not allowed back into east London as part of their bail…there’s a report from EDL News: Here

If this unpoliced revenge ‘demo’ is anything like when Casuals United tried the same thing in Brighton, it will end up with the fascists skulking around a few pubs, desperately trying to get pissed enough to get the bollocks to go and shout at locals who don’t look white. As easy as it is to laugh at these inept morons, even a handful of drunk racists can inflict injury & damage  on an innocent community. Anti-fascists from AFN were out last time and will be out again, as long as the community is under threat from street fascism.




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