Lonndon 27th October

26 10 2012

Most people will be aware the fascists fortunes have been going from bad to trainwreck, and they have been banned from a bunch of london boroughs tomorrow. They will now be going to a static kettle in westminster from 12 .30 till 2, old palace yard. In the past they have got pissed in the red lion pub just down from trafalgar square near the cenotaph. Some die hards are still planning to head to Walthamstow.

The uaf are still travelling down to the capital, and as we know london being the most diverse city in the world, is more than capable of self defence. The cops have also said any fash venturing into the east end will get nicked, but then they say a lot of stuff!

There will also be between 2-3000 anarchists from far and wide gathering for the annual london bookfair, it looks like the EDL picked the wrong weekend for a piss up in the big smoke! See you on the streets!



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