Fascist friendly shop In Brum – woops!

21 05 2013

We’ve just been told about a fascist friendly shop – ‘Target Zone’ that has opened up in the Oasis shopping centre in Birmingham – have a look at the crap they sell – It’s the kind of shit t-shirts you would expect the more hard-line EDL or Infidels/National Front types to wear on the off chance they might upset a grandma, they would most likely wear it with a coat so they could quickly zip up if they saw someone a bit tough approaching!

The Oasis Centre sells itself as an alternative shopping kind of place, with goth & retro shops etc. Regular visitors to the centre are pretty shocked that the management would let a seemingly pro fascist shop open up, that clearly goes against the hippy alternative vibe of the place. Of course it’s more than possible the owners of the new store just lied and said they are just a military surplus shop.
Local antifascists are for now, prepared to do things the nice way, and are encouraging people to put in complaints here:
http://www.theoasisfashionstore.co.uk/how-to-find-us.asp – 0121 233 4488 – to chat directly with the shop owner dial 0750214944.

West Midlands Anti-Fascists are also calling for people to get in touch with the local rag – The Birmingham Mail, as they have previously reported on three young men who probably spend all their pocket money in the new Oasis shop – the West Midlands Infidels! Here’s a pic from the Birmingham Mail of the West Midlands Infidels protesting outside of a primary school. Fucking Scum.

"Play times over boys - and Darren, I thought I told you to stop hanging around my kids!"

“Play times over boys” – Darren Clift (middle) with his only two friends, and one of them has to be in before 8pm. Note all 3 are wearing zip ups, arf arf!!

Needless to say other antifascist groups in the area will be keeping a close eye on Target Zone, and we imagine the local Asian yuffs might also have a few things to say….



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