No right turn, oppose the EDL tomorrow! 2pm Downing Street, Westminster London

27 05 2013

re-post from London Antifascists…

No right turn – a call for a mass mobilisation against the reactionary right!

Since the brutal murder of soldier Lee Rigby by two men in Woolwich, the xenophobic and racist EDL have sickenly tried to exploit the atrocity for their own political agenda. Backed up by a compliant media that has over the past decade fuelled the perception of the wider Muslim population as complicit to terrorism. This attack has caused a serious racist backlash to anyone that’s considered to be Muslim so that has meant alot of Asian people other ethnic minorities throughout the country have been the victims of racial violence and we also saw openly racist speeches made at the Edl Newcastle demo.

The recent electoral gains by anti-immigration party UKIP and the shift to the right by the establishment parties, poses a danger on the little freedoms and democratic power we still have left. A population that is fearful of attack, who is suspicious, who are scared from cooperating with each other is the ideal scenario for those with real power over us to continue to their attack on our communities, services, incomes and lives.

London antifascists are calling for a mobilisation from all different communities to oppose the EDL demonstration at 3pm on Monday May 27th at Downing Street . Along with other anti-racist organisations we aim to put a stop to the growth of the EDL and their reactionary ideas.

Stand up against racism in the street, on transport, at work and school.

No right turn – antifascists now and always.

As ever we recommend you travel with a group and stay with that group. Be vigilant and mobile.

London Antifascists (Part of AFN), May 26, 2013



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