Against neo-Nazi terror – this Sat 23rd in central London

18 05 2015


From London Anti-Fascists:

1pm Saturday 23 May
Outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square

Facebook event

David Lane was a founding member of American neo-Nazi terror group The Order. He died in 2007 serving a 150 year prison sentence for his neo-Nazi activities. When The Order murdered liberal Jewish talk show host Alan Berg, Lane was the getaway driver. Lane was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan and coined the infamous ’14 words’ slogan, popular on the far-right.

On Saturday 23 May neo-Nazis will gather outside the US embassy to pay their respects to this racist piece of shit. This will be the third neo-Nazi protest supporting terrorists to take place outside the US embassy in the past six months. We say enough is enough, fascist events in central London need to end.

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This Sat May 9th – Block EDL in Walthamstow / Stop Britain First in Dudley

6 05 2015



Whatever happens with the election on Thursday, the struggle against racism and fascism will continue. Indeed it will continue with hardly a pause as Saturday May 9th sees two major mobilisations for anti-fascists in Dudley in the Midlands and Walthamstow in East London.

And whatever happens to UKIP in the election, the tide of racism and xenophobic anti-immigrant hysteria that they have both ridden and helped create will not disappear after polling day. Its toxic legacy will be long-lasting and we will be dealing with an increase in racist and far-right attacks because of it.

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No PEGIDA / All London anti-fascist bloc Sat April 4th

29 03 2015


This Saturday 4th April sees anti-fascist mobilisations in Oxford against the EDL and later in the day in London against PEGIDA. Try and support these extremely important mobilisations if you can. It may well be possible to do both in a day if you’re feeling ambitious!

From London Anti-Fascists

PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) is the name of an anti-Islamic, anti-left movement in Germany that rose dramatically to prominence after mobilising tens of thousands of white German citizens to their weekly demonstrations. Many of the German far-right participated and formed a large proportion of those that attended. What followed after the demonstrations were racist attacks of migrants and refugees. The story is all too familiar, when reactionaries take to the streets, minorities, non-whites, trade unions and “lefties” become the target of attacks. PEGIDA act as a lobby group aiming to mobilise and spread reactionary support that focuses the target towards a perceived Islamification of the west.

PEGIDA UK are trying to gain ground and mimic the rapid rise of this movement in the UK. Though overshadowed by groups like the EDL, PEGIDA UK is attempting to be a more softer, cuddlier form of xenophobic anti-Islamism but this is obviously just a tactical pretence to not repeat the “mistakes” of the EDL. At the first PEGIDA UK rally in Newcastle we saw many of the usual faces from the BNP, NF and other assorted Neo-nazis. We, anti-fascists and anti-racists in London, need to ensure that this movement is dismantled before it can gain any sort of traction.

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Against Fascism – Against Borders: Join us in Dover on Sunday 25th

22 01 2015


On Sunday 25th supporters of the far-right will be gathering in Dover supposedly to ‘support the truckers’. Their Facebook page says the group ‘Support the Calais to Dover Truckers’ is to support “truckers who are under constant attack from illegal immigrants”.

When this group first popped up last year you might have been forgiven for thinking it was some Daily Mail-esque racism-lite. However, when the group held their first demo on 27th September, it was very clear that this was not the case – the main component of the demo appeared to be from the National Front, and they were joined by the now rudderless free-floating Führer-without-a-Volk Nick Griffin and also Paul Prodromou of the South East Alliance.

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Coaches to Birmingham to oppose the EDL

5 10 2014


London Anti-Fascists and South London Anti-Fascists have organised coaches to go from London to Birmingham next Saturday 11th. All anti-fascists are welcome to come to oppose the EDL national demo.

They write: “The EDL still represent a dangerous pole of attraction for many white working class people and its up to all us to dislodge their poisonous message of disunity, suspicion and racialisation that manifests itself weekly on many of our towns and cities.

On Saturday 11th October the EDL are holding a national demonstration in Birmingham town centre. We intend, with many others, to oppose them.

The more of us go up the stronger the support. Please make the effort and get yourself up to Birmingham.”

** IMPORTANT ** Reserve your place on the Coach!

Coaches from London are open to ALL anti-fascists, anti-racist campaigners and trade unionists. To reserve your place on the coach please email: with the subject line “COACH2BRUM” with the number of tickets you want. Tickets are £5/£10.

Facebook event

Remembering Pavlos Fyssas – this Thursday 18th

16 09 2014



Thursday 18th September marks one year since the death of Pavlos Fyssas – a Greek metal worker, anti-fascist and hip-hop artist who was knifed to death in the street in Athens by Golden Dawn neo-Nazis as police stood by and watched. His tragic death helped wake up the world to the danger of the Golden Dawn and Europe’s resurgent fascist movements.

Greek anti-fascist movements have called for this Thursday to be a Europe wide day of remembrance for Pavlos. There are events taking place across the continent on the 18th.

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Anti-Fascists on the streets this Sat 19th – Cricklewood / Dartford / Hexthorpe

16 07 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 02.18.57

This Saturday is shaping up to be a busy day for anti-fascists with multiple separate call-outs.

Cricklewood – they shall not pass!


First up is the return of the EDL splinter group the South East Alliance to Cricklewood in North West London. They were seen off last month when they tried to march down the High Street. A united crowd of anti-fascists blocked the road and police were forced to turn their gang of racists and Hitler-fanciers around and march them back to wherever it is they come from.

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North West London gets organised against the fascists

3 07 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 02.18.57

A new community coalition has been formed in North West London in order to oppose the second attempt of the fascist ‘South East Alliance’ to march in Cricklewood on July 19th.

North West London United is composed of residents and workers based in North West London (Brent/Cricklewood) as well as trade unions and groups including Brent Trades Council, RMT, London Anti-Fascists, North London Anti-Fascists and UAF.

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Victory in Cricklewood! Fascists fail and retreat

16 06 2014


The anti-fascist mobilisation against the South East Alliance demonstration in Cricklewood this weekend was a resounding success. Approximately 200 anti-fascists confronted a mere 40 far-right marchers and prevented them from completing their march, forcing them to turn around and go back the way they came.

The SEA is an even more right-wing splinter group of the EDL that exists in an alliance with all the other tiny far-right splinter groups. Therefore the small number of far-right nationalists in North London on Saturday contained many familiar unpleasant faces from the English Volunteer Force, Casuals United, the March for England etc. Research by London Anti-Fascists correctly anticipated many of the unpleasant characters who would be there.

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Oppose the ‘South East Alliance’ in Cricklewood Sat 14th June

10 06 2014


Tell your mates and join us on the streets!

11am Saturday June 14th // 113 CRICKLEWOOD BROADWAY, NW2, London

London Anti-Fascists are mobilising together with local residents and other anti-fascist groups, including North London Anti-Fascists to oppose the far-right ‘South East Alliance’ in Cricklewood, North London this coming Saturday 14th June. They have all been busy and thousands of leaflets have been distributed in Kilburn and Cricklewood to a very positive response.

Who are the SEA?

The ‘South East Alliance’ are one of the EDL splinter groups that huddle under the ‘United British Patriots’ umbrella. Their last attempt to ‘unite the right’ on the streets was the March for England in Brighton when, as has become traditional, they were hounded out of town and outnumbered 10 to 1 by the unhappy residents of that seaside town.

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