UK Antifascism is a genuine anti-fascist site

24 06 2013

The Anti-fascist Network would like to help clear up some false rumours about the new UK Antifascism Facebook page and the Twitter account associated with it. It has been suggested that these are run by Joshua Bonehill, the leader of the Strong movement, in order to spy on anti-fascists. This is completely untrue. The sites are run by a comrade of ours in order to provide a newsfeed for anti-fascists.

This is not to say that you will not be spied on if you use social media. The recent revelations about Prism and GCHQ only confirm what we have suspected for years – that states use these platforms to spy on us. Anti-fascists need to make sure their security is strong whenever they use social media. Check out this guide for some ideas.



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