Oppose the EDL in Tower Hamlets

12 07 2013

Public meeting, Tuesday 30 July, 7.30pm
Scott Room, Oxford House, Derbyshire Road (off Bethnal Green Road), E2 6HG

The racist English Defence League plan to march through Tower Hamlets on Saturday 7 September: how can we stop them?

London Anti-Fascists, part of the national Anti-Fascist Network, are calling a mobilisation for the day that will aim to be mobile and fluid in order to disrupt the EDL’s plans as much as possible.

Join us for a public discussion on how to build that mobilisation, as well as discussion of the politics and tactics necessary to beat the EDL and other racist organisations.

The Anti-Fascist Network is a national network of local grassroots anti-fascist and anti-racist groups which fight the EDL, BNP, and other racist and fascist organisations on the basis of direct action and working-class politics.

For more info, see:



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