Stop Nazi David Irving and the EDL in the North East

22 08 2013


Two important upcoming events in the North East – get yourself there and support local Anti-Fascists:

27th August: Holocaust denying historian and Hitler lover David Irving is planning on speaking in Newcastle. North East Anti-Fascists plan on stopping him. Meet in Newcastle city center at 6pm at  Greys Monument to join them. Flyer here.

31st August: North East EDL and North East Infidels are planning on marching in South Shields. Local anti-fascists will oppose them. More info to 
follow on NE Anti-Fascists blog and Facebook. In the meantime, get busy with these sticker designs.

Statement put out by NE Anti-Fascists:

Stop the EDL! Sweep Fascism Off Our Streets
South Shields 31st August

We live in a time of political and economic crisis. Far-Right fascist groups like the EDL, BNP and National Front are trying to exploit this by shifting blame onto immigrants, but it wasn’t immigrants who caused the banking crash or who are dismantling the welfare system: it’s the rich and powerful.

Groups like the EDL do not protest against cuts and job losses, but they have physically attacked those who do: for example, recently fascists have attacked the Occupy camp and a socialist meeting in Newcastle, and picket lines and a trade union office in Liverpool.

Fascist groups like the EDL are ANTI-WORKING CLASS. All they ever do is stir up racism to divide the working class against itself so that the rich can continue to shaft us.

It wasn’t immigrants who shut down the pits or the shipyards: it was the Tories. It was Labour who sold off all the public housing stock and brought in workfare. Know your REAL enemy: it’s the boss class scum, not immigrants.

The EDL are coming to South Shields for no good reason on the 31st of August to try and spread racism and divide our communities. The only people who will gain from this are the ruling class. We say, take to the streets and stop the fascist EDL in their tracks!

Fascists and Nazis are class traitors. Stop the EDL from marching in South Shields.

North-East Anti-Fascists



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