An Invite From London

30 08 2013

Tower Hamlet residents and anti-fascists host a community gathering prior to EDL Counter-mobilisation on 7th September

Event: An evening of Resistance to Fascism and Racism in the East End
Date: Saturday 31st August, 6pm – 12am
Location: The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St (off Brick Lane), London E1 5LJ

On Saturday 31st August, the Bengali, Jewish, English, Irish and other varied communities of London’s East End will come together to celebrate and discuss working class resistance to racism and fascism, both past and present.

The event called “An evening of Resistance to Fascism and Racism in the East End” is organised by the national Anti-Fascist Network (AFN) and is taking place near Whitechapel’s famous Brick Lane. It will run from 6pm to 12 midnight at The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St (off Brick Lane), London E1 5LJ. Entry is free though donations will be welcome.

There will be distinguished speakers such as Daniel Trilling, author of “Bloody Nasty People”, a profile of the British National Party; Julie Begum, founding member of Women Unite Against Racism; and Max Levitas, a veteran from the Battle of Cable Street. Participation, ideas and argument from the audience is very much encouraged.

Natasha Weldon, a spokesperson for the AFN, said:

?This event is an important warm-up to AFN’s counter-mobilisation in Altab Ali Park to oppose the EDL from 11am on September 7th. This is our community and we will come out in force to defend it. Racism is not welcome is East London, and we will make sure that the EDL will not pass.?

So expect film, food and lively debate as reflections from previous struggles will be put forward to inform the upcoming mobilisation against the English Defence League’s march to Tower Hamlets on Saturday 7th September. All anti-racists and local community members are welcome but EDL members clearly will not be.

After the discussion, music will be provided with a DJ set by Asian Dub Foundation member Pandit G.

Since the murder of Lee Rigby, Tommy Robinson and the EDL have seen their support and media profile surge dramatically. This unprecedented coming together of various anti-racist campaigners, activists and community members demonstrates the strength of opposition the EDL will face on the 7th of September.

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