Dundee, Bradford, Croydon, Brighton: A successful weekend for anti-fascists

8 10 2013

A busy weekend for anti-fascists across the country.

Residents of Dundee and anti-fascists from across Scotland said ‘Nae Nazis’ and outnumbered the Scottish Defence League and the reinforcements they habitually bus in from Northern England. A report on the local newspaper website reported  ‘you can’t see the fascists for the protesters and the police’.


Meanwhile at the other end of the country, the BNP were experiencing an even greater humiliation as all 20 of them were drowned out by anti-fascists in Croydon. They were attempting a protest outside the UK Border Agency’s offices. Trades Unionists from Croydon TUC were joined by UAF and South London Anti-Fascists to oppose them. Despite nearly 350 anti-fascists being bailed away from any demonstrations inside the M25, they still managed to outnumber the BNP 4 to 1. Following the BNP’s defeat in June when anti-fascists stopped them marching on the Cenotaph, this only confirms how washed-up they really are.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 01.59.23

As well as opposing the far-right wherever they appear in public, the weekend also saw anti-fascists organise events of our own. At Bradford’s 1 in 12 anarchist social centre there was an all-day anti-fascist punk festival raising money and mobilising to oppose the EDL march in Bradford on the 12th.

While in Brighton, Stop the March for England together with Brighton Anti-Fascists hosted ‘Resisting the New Racism’, a day conference exploring the rise of new forms of racism and how to organise against them. Between 50-60 people attended the event which aimed to make links between local community groups, migrant solidarity campaigns and anti-fascist and anti-racist struggle.

In addition the EDL’s planned demo in Bournemouth that was supposed to take place on Saturday 5th was cancelled. Surely nothing to do with the early opposition and counter-mobilising from BHStopEDL and Wessex Solidarity?

It’s great we have the ability to oppose the fascists and put on our own positive events simultaneously across the country. Roll on next Saturday, when we have anti-fascist mobilisations in both Liverpool and Bradford.

In Liverpool trade unions have organised a large march to build try and oust Nick Griffin from his position as an MEP for the North West in the forthcoming elections. More crucially, in Bradford, the EDL have called a national demo to march on what they see as the heart of Muslim Britain. Local anti-fascists have been pulling out all the stops and spreading the word amongst the people of Bradford to ensure maximum numbers to stop them marching.

See you on the streets!



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