Bradford Latest Demo Info

10 10 2013

The now officially racist EDL under their new ‘National Organiser’ Tim Ablitt (previously arrested in connection with a bomb attack on a mosque) are still coming to Bradford this Saturday 12th October.

They will be arriving by train at Bradford Interchange or parking up in Bridge Street. They will then be quarantined in the Queen pub from 11am onwards, which is planning to profit from their presence in the city. We encourage everyone to ring the pub on 01274 767901 and complain about this.

They will be having a static rally rather than a march and speeches will apparently be held at 2pm.

The police have prepared two sites to keep the EDL away from the city centre and remove their ability to attack locals and spark the race war they have stated they want to start in the city.


The council have laid down tarmac and have erected fencing at point B. But as of Wednesday 9th October West Yorkshire Police Press Office have confirmed the EDL static demo will be at point A on Bridge Street.

As you can see both sites are quite close to the interchange and the pub which means they will not have far to travel and the city’s exposure to their vitriol will be limited.

The council and police have erected pens for both the EDL and anti-fascists.


Various roads will be closed from midnight Friday.

Last time they were in Bradford, the EDL escaped their pen and went on to attack two 15 year old youths and locals waiting at Forster square train station, this must not be allowed to happen again. It remains imperative that we get the numbers out to make them want to stay wherever they are put and refrain from getting out and attacking the public.

No Pasaran.


On the day follow: @FashFreeZone_BD for info and updates






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