Report of Shotton demonstration against EDL and Infidels

12 11 2013

This is a draft write up from North East Anti-Fascists:

The North East Anti-Fascists took their battle bus into Shotton to oppose the EDL. The very well policed events ensured that the opposing forces were kept apart.

The EDL had very very few people from Shotton on their event our clued up local said.

The Blackhall colliery socialism banner was superb, as was the anti-fascist banner and the anarchist banner.




Today the Labour party, a few of its councillors and the local MP were present, but a lot of others were not – you know who you are. The so called anti-racist and anti-fascist movement really needs to get its act together in the North East.

There was a determination from anti-fascists present to build bigger and better protests in the future.

They also recently followed up with this statement:

…We are the only consistent North East regional anti-fascist group that attempts to confront fascists wherever they go. The left, what there is of it, is small, split, sectarian, and unable to find the organisational forms suitable for the 21st century. That said, we aim to work with all on an independent manner, however, we will not be treated arrogantly. We do not tolerate those whose only agenda is to control any emerging movement and who only engage in activity to build the party (the left killed the movement by trying to snatch leadership positions and in the process they kill all working class movements, which is why the left is left talking to the same usual suspects).

Rather, what matters is free and autonomous political activity, on the same level, with no pretentions, arrogance, or other elitist behaviour. We need to build our ability to do anti-fascism, and we do that openly, without paper selling, and attempting to include all from whatever political allegiance – rather like the Industrial Workers of the World do in the workplace, when they seek to include those with different political ideas in the ‘One Big Union’.

The North East Anti-Fascists are and try to be energetic, open, coherent and can do rather than can’t, or don’t.

In this time of recession, our area in particular, of all areas in the country, is fascist active, and the struggle continues. NO PASARAN!!

If you want to get involved, or just be on our mailing list, then please send us a message. Finally, what we do costs more than our effort and time – if you want to send us some money then please do so, there is lots more we could do to progress the anti-fascist cause and movement…



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