Oppose the Fascists in Wakefield on the 23rd and Hartlepool on the 30th

20 11 2013


Latest info on EDL meet up point and demo route.

More info from local newspaper on demo routes.

Leeds Anti-Fascist Network call out for Wakefield:

On Saturday 23rd November, the English Defence League (EDL) are coming to Wakefield to spread their racist hate and lies. We believe they must be stopped.

The EDL claim they are a peaceful protest movement against “radical Islam”, but direct their racist propaganda at all Muslims. Their members have been responsible for arson attacks on mosques and Muslim-run businesses,  violent attacks on members of the public and their protests are known for the violent and racist nature.

The EDL’s real aim is to divide working class communities and turn white against black, Christian against Muslim. All working class people in this country face attacks on their jobs, benefits and public services. £600 billion has been given to the banks by a government of millionaires, while pensioners freeze to death and families are thrown out of their council flats. That is why we call for working class unity against those that seek to divide us, be it the Tory government or the racists of the EDL.

Join us to show the EDL they are not welcome in Wakefield.

More details available closer to the time.

Link to We Are Wakefield


North East Anti-Fascists call out for Hartlepool:

Several fascist pages are advertising 30th November in Hartlepool, we know the police have been contacting landlords, and the NE infidels leader Warren Faulkner has been meeting with the police regularly.

Apparently they are organising a ‘Ban the Burka’ event, not that there are many/any Burkas in Hartlepool, but having no reason for a demo has never stopped them before. What possible reason is there for this event to be in Hartlepool above other areas? There is none.

It also becomes farcical, as the police are allowing them to gimp mask up as a protest against the Burka. In reply to this ‘Ban the Burka’ idiocy, we say ‘Ban the Burks!’

This is in central Hartlepool – and this call out is asking for people to get to Hartlepool for lunchtime on 30th November for the anti fascist protest, precise details for our mobilisation to be released closer to the time.

As on the 30th of November the EDL, Infidels, EVF, SDL, Casuals, NF and perhaps more will be in Hartlepool (approx. 2/300 of the fuckers), so this now becomes our priority for the day.

We do want to build anti fascist solidarity as far as we can as well. Transport will be arranged and we are laying on one bus at least from Newcastle. We are encouraging a full turn out from Yorkshire comrades too.

There are a number of reasons to object to the Infidels and the other racists & fascists, whether it is their racism, their backward ideas, and we all know the dangers that such mobilisations of drunken racists and fascists bring to all, but especially those of Asian heritage. Therefore we call on all progressive & sound thinking people to oppose the spread of such racism & ignorance; to confront the fascists and to show that there is a better way than mindless prejudice and hatred, and to campaign together for a better life for all. Unity is our solution and solidarity is our method, contact the North East Anti Fascists to get involved.

Please plan to be in Hartlepool for around 12, exact details to follow.

NEAF banner



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