Malice in Sunderland: Oppose the EDL on 29th March

21 03 2014


Next Saturday 29th the Sunderland Defence League and the North East Infidels will be descending on Millfield in Sunderland to spread their hatred of Muslims, objecting to the construction of a new mosque.

North East Anti-Fascists are mobilising to oppose them and to show that their divisive racist presence will not be tolerated in the area. Show your support and get yourself to Sunderland if you can.

In the run-up to the 29th, North East Anti-Fascists have been busy spreading the word in Sunderland with stickers, giant posters and flyers.


We can see where right-wing hatred leads: Six racists were arrested for attacking a mosque in Whitely Bay with incendiaries earlier this month. Also Sunderland Defence League proved themselves oblivious to irony by  attempting to disrupt a talk on “Islam: The Misunderstood Religion” at the University of Sunderland on March 11th.

And in case you were in any doubt about the politics of those organising the Sunderland demo, here’s some the charming individuals behind the racist march:


Organiser ‘Jock Campbell’ otherwise known as Jack Campbell, 59 of Gladstone Street, Sunderland giving a Nazi salute.


Warren Faulkner, leader of the North East Infidels who doesn’t look like a Nazi at all.

Latest demo info

North East Anti-Fascists say:

“The fascists are advertising the Millfield protest at 2pm, but please be aware that they will be drinking in the pubs up Hylton road (Mountain Daisy, Railway, Oddies) before that.

The North East Anti-Fascists will be in Sunderland in plenty of time – almost certainly 1.30pm on the grass on St Marks road, opposite where we normally stand (Catherine St W). We will make another statement shortly. If the fascists want to attack the empty building which is going to be the new Mosque, then we will watch the police stop them committing criminal damage.

We ask our supporters, especially veterans (!) of previous Millfield protests, to bring their protest banners, placards, good cheer and music with them. “


If you can’t make it to Sunderland, never fear. There is also an anti-fascist call-out for the 29th in Peterborough, where the EDL will be opposed by a local Trades Council and UAF mobilisation.

The routes for the two rival demonstrations have just been announced.

Whether in Sunderland or Peterborough, show the fascists on the 29th that there is nowhere they can go where their racism and hatred is accepted.



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