Oppose the BNP in Hemel Hempstead Sat 10th May

6 05 2014


If you can’t make Rotherham to counter the national EDL demo there on Saturday, never fear… another useless bunch of boneheads will be out and about in the South this weekend.

The BNP are very worried about imaginary mosques being built in Hemel Hempstead and Griffin’s dwindling fascist loyalists have decided to hold a demo in the town this Saturday 10th.

Given that the last time they held a demo anywhere they were comprehensively blocked by anti-fascists from marching anywhere despite being backed up by the Met, this doesn’t bode too well for their chances in Hemel.

Local people in Hemel have organised an opposition to the BNP’s attempt to cynically exploit local issues in an attempt to save themselves from their impending electoral oblivion.

Facebook event





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