Oppose the EDL in Batley this Sat 9th – Latest details

7 08 2014


AFN call-out: meet at Batley Town Hall WF17 5DA, 11.30, Saturday 9th August

Facebook event

For more detailed info on the demo see our previous post.

EDL hate-mongers

The EDL are having a national demo in Batley, West Yorkshire this Saturday and as always anti-fascists will be there to oppose their racist hate-mongering.

Batley is a small (about 10 min walk from one end to the other) working class town with a large Asian Muslim population. The pretext for the EDL’s demo is plans for a new Muslim faith school in the town.

Anti-Fascist Network member group Leeds AFN have called a mobilisation for 11.30 outside the Town Hall – which is where the EDL are planning to ‘rally’ later at 13.15. UAF/Huddersfield TUC have also made a call-out for outside the library at 10.30, which is very near by.

Batley Town Hall

Batley Town Hall

The EDL are planning to assemble in two venues next to each other on Wellington Street – The Wellington pub (01924 473 030) and the Batley Working Men’s Club (01924 420 465).

Why not contact the venues and ask them why they happy selling beer to violent racists?

The Wellington

The Wellington

Batley WMC

Batley WMC

Some EDL may be arriving by train, others coming by bus/car have been asked to park in Welington Street car-park, which is next to their two pubs.

They are planning to march the short distance along Commercial Street to the Town Hall, for their ‘rally’.

Afterwards, their coaches etc will probably be picking them  up from Commercial Street.

Good luck to all anti-fascists out on Saturday.



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