Why we must oppose the EDL in Colchester

22 08 2014



The last time the EDL had an event in Colchester was on the anniversary of the murder of Lee Rigby. They marched up to the war memorial where they found anti fascists waiting. With branded EDL flags and clothing, the far right group laid a wreath on the war memorial, ‘for’ Lee Rigby.
Lee Rigby’s family and colleagues have specifically stated they do not want groups like the EDL to use his murder to further their political aims. They say Lee Rigby would not have wanted his name to be used as an excuse to attack others. The EDL have consistently ignored this and continue to use the name and pictures of Lee Rigby as some kind of justification for their racism and prejudice.

Anti fascists heckled the EDL throughout their visit to the war memorial including their minute silence, which is what they site as their reason for returning to Colchester. Many of their demonstrations focus on mosques or faith schools but when they meet lively anti fascist opposition they turn their attentions to activists of the left.
Not only is it profoundly disrespectful to use a horrific murder as an excuse for bigotry; it is also disgusting to shout islamophobic rubbish in a town where a woman may have been murdered for being muslim. Nahid Almanea was attacked as she walked along a footpath in Colchester. The young Saudi woman was wearing traditional Islamic dress and although her murderer has not been arrested, police consider they could have been motivated by racism.
The EDL have not announced details of their march yet so the Anti Fascist Network and TUC are waiting on this before deciding definitely when and where to oppose them. It’ll be somewhere in Colchester on the 6th of September. Watch this space!



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