Glasgow and London Report

20 09 2014


So far this weekend has seen two far-right events in the UK: a nationalist rally in Glasgow’s George Sq celebrating Scotland’s “No” vote, and a national EDL march in Central London.

On Friday night, loyalists, British nationalists and fascists gathered in George Sq, central Glasgow to celebrate the “no” vote. The rally started peacfully enough but soon descended into violence as members of the far right chanted “no surrender”, waved Ulster Unionist flags, nazi saluted and attacked “yes” voters. There are multiple reports that the Scottish Defence League, National Front and Britain First were in attendance, although this has not been confirmed. There are, however, multiple confirmations of far-right chanting and nazi-saluting. It seems very probable that far right groups were out in force last night.

A loyalist protester nazi-salutes. Screencap taken from this video.

A loyalist protester nazi-salutes. Screencap taken from this video.

Another nazi-saulte, taken from twitter.

Another nazi-saulte, taken from twitter.

The Scottish Descrier newspaper is claiming that Britain First had a hand in organising last night’s ruckus, based on the image below, which was posted on Britain First’s facebook page.

An image posted on Britain First's Facebook page.

An image posted on Britain First’s Facebook page.

The level of far-right involvement is unclear at the moment, although it seems certain that there was a significant amount. Was is clear, however, is that multiple people were attacked and injured, with the majority of unionists getting away with it (Police have said they made 3 arrests on the night). The danger now is that this incident will give confidence to the Far Right in the UK. Antifascists must be on guard for this.

On the other side of the the country, the EDL have held a national demonstration at Downing St, opposed by the UAF. Initial report-backs say there were between 3/400 EDL present, and around 100 brave antifascists opposing them. It seems that the majority of the EDL were late for their own demo (surprise surprise), meaning unfortunately lots of antifascists had left by the time the main EDL block marched down from Trafalgar Sq. Those that remained chanted against the EDL, drowning out much of their hate speech.

Although the EDL have failed so far to capitalise on the Rotherham case to the same level as they did in the aftermath of the Lee Rigby attack, 400 EDL marching down Whitehall is still worrying. It is clear the EDL are experiencing something of a resurgence in popularity recently (350 marched in Batley, 600 or more in Rotherham and now 400 in London). It is the job of antifascists to combat them on the streets where ever they rear their unwelcome heads, to make sure this is just a flash in the pan and not a long-term trend. The next EDL demo is Oct 11th in Birmingham. See you on the streets.



4 responses

20 09 2014
paul sillett

Hi. 400edl?! At most there were 200 scum. This is a figure arrived at by a number of seasoned anti fascists. Of course, 200 too many, but 400 is well wide of the mark.100 anti fascists? Even plod were heard radioing aroumd 300 anti fascists. Not enough, but interesting, given, fheit usual approach.
Given the vast numbers of police, direct action was very difficult.
Main point is that Edl numbers for a national demo were poor and they consisted of old nazis and various freaks.
Old C18 and bnp scum, and interestingly, paul Weston, bfp founder.
Overall, a poor day for the goons.

21 09 2014
Jamie Jones.

I’m not sure where you get the figure of 400 EDL but it’s way off the mark. There were between 150-200 maximum in attendance. They assembled at the Charles I statue and their entire contingent fitted comfortably on less than half of the traffic island where it stands. It’s too soon to talk about a resurgence of their fortunes – and the London demo certainly wasn’t a sign of that or increased unity on their side. Of course they did better in Rotherham – but Downing Street yesterday was no ‘Lee Rigby moment.’ for them and it remains to be seen if they can revive their fortunes. United anti-Fascists opposing them on the streets can ensure they don’t.

24 09 2014

The figure of 400 EDL & 100 UAF was reached by people on the ground and has been confirmed by multiple sources. Nothing is gained by exaggeration, in fact it lulls people into a false sense of security, feeling that the EDL have been defeated. In fact, their last 3 national demos (Batley, Rotherham and London) have drawn no fewer than 300 and received very little by way of opposition. And there’s still 3 more national demos to go this year (Birmingham 11th Oct, Bristol 1st Nov and Luton 29th Nov). We must break this momentum and the only way to do that is to get boots on the streets. Telling people the EDL is defeated will not do that.

24 09 2014
paul sillett

Hi, guess we’ll have to disagree about figures, but not even edl are saying they had 400….Main point is , the scum haven’t been able to bounce forward like they wished/ Problem, of course, that the scum are not finished. No one is saying they are, They were composed of various fascists and the worst elements of society, last Saturday. In that way, they are at an impasse, Yorks and the North East are their last strongholds, in any meaningful way. Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that every demo for the Ed is a national one, as the wankers come from afar.
To repeat, no one I know says the edl are finished, the current Islamophobic climate has partly, seen to that. But, where we do agree is that there can be no complacency re these filth, cheers

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