Leeds Antifascists response to the Rotherham Abuse

22 10 2014

This coming Saturday, AFN affiliates Leeds Antifascists have organised a public protest in response to the far-right presence in Rotherham and the abuse scandal that led to it. Meet up at Rotherham Town Hall at Midday on the Saturday 25th Oct. Follow the Facebook Event page here for more info.

The leaflet produced by Leeds AFN advertising the event.

The leaflet produced by Leeds AFN advertising the event.

The full text of the the call out is as follows:

By now virtually everyone in the country must be acquainted with the horrific details of the child sex abuse in Rotherham. The story of child abuse, corrupt authorities and blind eyes turned to the exploitation of young working class girls, making them effectively disposable people, has much in common with the other child abuse scandals that have enraged us all. Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith profited from a similar disregard for lives not important to the establishment.

The far-right have swarmed on this issue solely to push their own divisive and racist agenda. For all the crocodile tears shed for the children of Rotherham they remain silent on all child abuse unless it involves Muslims. Where are the EDL’s demands for white men of Christian background to put their collective house in order? They are silent on that subject and perhaps they are wise to be because lurking in their ranks are an assembly of groomers and sex offenders.
The truth is this:

– We live in a patriarchal society in which sexual abuse is rife amongst people of all backgrounds. Male power and male sexuality in our society are deeply problematic.

– We live in a class society in which working class lives are not seen as valuable – The police and councils don’t care about working class kids from care homes.

– We live in a racist society in which people who are not white are not seen as individuals but are held to be collectively responsible for the actions of their ‘community’.

– We stand against all injustice and all oppression based on class, race or gender.

Leeds Anti-Fascist Network will be demonstrating in Rotherham on the 25th of October, both to highlight the sexism and class-prejudice that perpetuates the abuse of working class girls, in Rotherham and elsewhere, and against the racist response to these events that lets the real culprits off the hook. Join us in supporting this call out for an anti-sexist, anti-racist response to the far right’s organising in Rotherham.

The AFN fully supports and endorses this mobilisation, and many local groups will no doubt be traveling to attend and support our Leeds comrades.

The EDL's drunken mess of a demo in Rotherham last month.

The EDL’s drunken mess of a demo in Rotherham last month.

Meanwhile, the far right has not been idle, with many demos being organised over the next month. The UKAktion Blog has published a full roundup of upcoming events here.




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