Luton is anti-fascist! UPDATE

20 11 2014


On November 22nd, the EDL will be holding a national demonstration in Luton. The Anti-Fascist Network, alongside many other anti-fascist groups, is mobilising to oppose them.

See our earlier post for background information on Luton and the EDL.

AFN groups will be travelling to oppose the EDL on the streets of Luton.

The local We Are Luton organisers have been busy spreading the word and have been out on the streets distributing thousands of leaflets.


The EDL are due to march from 2pm – location TBC.

Anti-fascists will be gathering in front of Bury Park Community Centre, 161-161b Dunstable Road, Luton, LU1 1BW from noon.

See you on the streets!



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20 11 2014

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Samedi prochain l’English defense league ( extrême droite) organise une manifestation nationale à Luton, ville ouvrière au Nord de Londres. les anti fascistes organisent une riposte

21 11 2014
Victory as anti-fascists get Britain First’s national conference cancelled! | Anti-Fascist Network

[…] at a loose end tomorrow should head for Luton to join the anti-fascist crowds opposing the EDL’s national […]

21 11 2014

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