Britain First Not Welcome in Berkshire!

20 11 2014


By Berkshire Anti-Fascists

Hello chums, commies, lefties, anti-fascists and other comrades! *drum roll* the venue for the putrid Britain First’s conference this Saturday is:

Yeovil Road
GU47 0TD

Same as last year! With a disco and all! Call Bracknell Forest Council AND the venue run and owned by them to ask WHY they think that a publicly owned building should be rented by an outrightly racist, transphobic, homophobic, Islamaphobic (could go on forever) hate group and consequently threaten the safety of their residents.

Bracknell events team: 01344 355450
Generic council: 01344 352000
Owlsmoor centre itself: 01344 773820
Bracknell Council on Twitter: @BracknellForest
Facebook: Bracknell Forest Council

Don’t think someone else will do it, GET DIALLING! SHARE! Also, stay polite!

In the case of the meeting somehow still going ahead, we will be outside the venue on the day, so get in touch if you’d like to show that hateful bigots are NOT welcome in Berkshire! NO PASARAN!

Berkshire Anti-Fascists

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