No one is illegal – oppose the “secure the borders” demo in Dover

11 01 2015

The last “Support the Truckers demo” in Dover – Paul ‘Pitt’, Nick Griffin and the NF all present.

On Sunday 25th January fascists will gather in both Calais and Dover to “secure our borders”.

The Anti-Fascist Network are calling for a counter demonstration against the fascists and the border.

We call on all anti-fascists and anti-racists to join us on the day to stop the fascists and show solidarity with the people stuck in Calais, fleeing the horrors of war and imperialist intervention.

The dire situation in Calais has been in the news lately due to the deaths of 15 migrants trying to escape to Britain. The majority of people who reside in the so called “jungles” in Calais are fleeing areas of the world torn apart by conflict.

European countries are more than happy to plunder wealth and raw materials from around the world, through exploitation, expropriation and political interference, yet are never willing to take responsibility for the horrific social and economic fallout from their meddling.

Join us in Dover on the 25th, in solidarity with migrants, against the bloodthirsty capitalist system whose endless quest for profit creates horrific human suffering, and against the boot boys of capitalism, the fascists and nazis!

No one is illegal!



8 responses

11 01 2015
Heather Thompson

I agree totally no person can be illegal!!

11 01 2015
Bristol Anarchist Federation

Are there any more details yet? Time/meeting point for either the fascist demo or those that want to counter?

12 01 2015

” The majority of people who reside in the so called “jungles” in Calais are fleeing areas of the world torn apart by conflict.”

They can always settle in France.

12 01 2015

These migrants can always settle in France. The demo might be interesting in Calais in view of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

12 01 2015

Reblogged this on Brighton Anti-fascists.

14 01 2015

I thought refugees were entitled by international agreement to settle in the first SAFE country they arrive in. The UK is not the first safe country. So why do these refugees wish to enter the UK. Is it because the benefit system in the UK is more generous than anywhere else in the EU? Are these people really refugees or just economic migrants looking for a better life?

22 01 2015
3 08 2015

£36 a week generous. Where are you from Pete ? Refugees come here to work as they always have. No doubt you would have told Jews to go and apply for asylum in France in the 1930s They want to come here cause they know some English, have relatives here or have the daft notion this is a fair and liberal country that welcomes people fleeing war and poverty. With bigots like you around how wrong they are

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