Stand up to March for England in Blackpool – April 25th

23 03 2015
March for England having a bad time in Brighton

March for England having a bad time in Brighton

Tired of their annual humiliation in Brighton, EDL rejects the March For England decided to give up and try again in what they hoped would be the less hostile territory of the North West. Hence this year for their dose of bigotry by the sea they are headed to Blackpool on April 25th. Unluckily for them, anti-fascists from the North West are gearing up to oppose them there too.

A new alliance ‘Oppose MFE‘ has been formed in the North West to mobilise for the 25th. They say:

“Europe is seeing the return of right wing nationalist movements and parties. Off the back of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in Paris, coupled with the state’s failure to identify and protect vulnerable people in Rotherham, the far right are attempting to mobilise people’s fears and channel them into chauvinist nationalist politics. Parliamentary politics is lurching rightwards as mainstream parties copy UKIP’s rhetoric. If events like MFE get more successful, they will feed into this broader resurgence of the far right by giving it a presence on the streets.”

“We need to oppose the MFE and promote anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-nationalist politics. The resurgence of the far-right in Europe is a reactionary response to ongoing economic stagnation, the crisis of political representation and the lack of any visions for a different future. The solution to the current economic and political dead-end isn’t to retreat into xenophobic nationalism and persecute migrants and Muslims, or to go back to the “good old days” of factory work, straightforward imperialism and casual racism. We need to make this point loudly and on the streets.”

“If the far right are allowed to march unopposed in Blackpool, then we run the risk of this becoming a fixed date in their calendar. The March for England was chased out of Brighton and can’t be allowed to find a new home in the north-west.”

Support this mobilisation, be prepared to travel to Blackpool on April 25th, show the racist March for England that they can run but they can’t hide!

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Facebook: /opposeMFE

Twitter: @opposeMFE



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