Latest Info for Oppose the March for England in Blackpool this Saturday

22 04 2015



  • Travel with our transport or aim to be in Blackpool for midday
  • Exact location to be revealed on the day
  • Keep checking OpposeMFE Twitter and Facebook for the latest info and for updates during the day.
  • More info for the day here

Anti-fascists from around the country will be joining local people in Blackpool this Sat 25th to stand up against the racist ‘March for England’.

For seven years the March for England descended on Brighton. At first posing as merely an innocent St. George’s Day parade, it was in fact stuffed with far-right racists and fascists, allowing them another opportunity to parade their hatred through the streets.

After several years of robust opposition from the people of Brighton who turned out in their thousands to tell MfE that they were not wanted, the fascists finally gave up and have decamped to the North West where they hope they will get a friendlier reception.

A new coalition group ‘OpposeMFE’ has been formed including northern AFN groups to coordinate resistance to the nationalist march.

We intend to show them they are mistaken and that the North West is no friendlier to fascists than the South.

Transport to Blackpool

There are buses running from Sheffield and Leeds (via Leeds AFN), Manchester (via Plan C MCR), Birmingham (via Midlands Anti-Fascists), Newcastle and more locations. Most of this transport is for the bargain price of £10 return.

If you haven’t sorted out getting yourself to Blackpool yet, grab some friends, get in touch for transport and start planning…

For more info on transport from your area, follow the links below, contact your local AFN group or contact:

Manchester bus

Sheffield/Leeds bus or email:

Birmingham bus or email:

Route of the March


The March for England are planning to assemble from 12.00 in two pubs just next to each other – Yates’ on South Shaw and the Sun Inn on Bolton St. Both of these are very close to the promenade. The march is due to start at 2pm, a mile and a half along the promenade to the tower, where they plan have speeches for an hour.

Some advice from London Anti-Fascists for coming on demos

Background Info

The local newspaper has just noticed the march and its opposition.

Read two different call outs for some background on MFE and why they must be opposed:

OpposeMFE call-out

Plan C Manchester call-out

For more background info check out the Stop MFE fact file for an expose of their racist and fascist nature as well as a full history of the opposition to MFE in Brighton over the last seven years.

Keep your eyes open for more updated info as they day gets closer:

Oppose MFE

Facebook event page



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