Slough and Beyond

3 09 2015

September is shaping up to be a VERY busy month for Antifascists. There are going to be three (!) AFN actions, alongside several other non-AFN Antifascist demonstrations. The refugee crisis has pushed the far-right into a frenzy of activity and it is our social duty to combat them.


On the 5th September, Berkshire Antifascists are demonstrating against the far-right, racist Berkshre Infidels in Slough. As some of our supporters might remember, Slough was the scene of fierce local and AFN resistance to an EDL march in early 2014 and Berkshire Antifascists are looking to build on that local anti-racist legacy.

Antifascists should be at Slough Town Square at midday sharp!

mapBerkshire Antifascists have also produced and distributed thousands of leaflets locally in both English and Polish, which have recieved an overwhelmingly positive reaction from locals.

A spotter card of local fascists is also circulating. Know you local racist, support your local antifa!

racistsIf, for whatever reason, you can’t make it to Slough, there are two other antifascist demonstrations on the 5th. In Croyden, South London, the shambling corpse of the BNP will be attempting to capitalise on the refugee crisis by holding a protest outside the UKBA office at Lunar House. Antifascists should be outside Lunar House in East Croyden at 11:30am. Facebook Event here.

On the same day, up north, fascist Britain First are planning a day of action in Rotherham. Locally, the UAF have called a counter protest, meeting up at 12:30pm in All Saint’s Square, central Rotherham. More details here.

doverThe weekend afterwards, on the 12th September, a whole smorgasbord of neo-nazi and racist groups, led by the National Front, are going to be marching to the port in Dover, calling for the border to be closed to refugees. The AFN will be there to oppose them, opposing borders, racism and fascism and for a free and open Europe. Main Facebook event here.

If you want to come to this event, contact your nearest AFN group to organise group transport. London and Leeds have already announced coaches- get in touch if you want a seat! Leeds AFN are also planning a banner-making session so we look shit-hot on the day. Details here.

ColchyFinally, on the 26th of September, the EDL have announced a national demonstration in Colchester, Essex. Essex Antifascists are already knee deep in the nitty-gritty of planning a counter demo, handing out thousands of leaflets locally. If you wanna give them a hand, drop them a line at essexantifa[at]hush[dot]com! Facebook event here. More details will be announced closer to the time, so keep your eyes peeled.

Time to hit the streets comrades!



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