Action across the country this weekend Nov 25/26

21 11 2017

There are anti-fascist events happening across the country this weekend.

Stop the NEI in Durham, Saturday 25th

In Durham the horrible neo-Nazi North East Infidels are set to march through the city on Saturday 25th attempting to stir up hatred against refugees. There have been multiple calls to oppose them.

StopNEI have made a mobilisation video (above) and a call-out for 1pm in Durham city centre. To get involved email:

There are two other events being publicised from Durham Anti-Fascists and Durham City Cannabis Club also for 1pm in the city centre and another from UAF and County Durham Anti-Racist Coalition at 1pm in Millenium Square.

Oppose Katie Hopkins in Lewes, Saturday 25th

There has been a call from locals in Lewes in Sussex to oppose hate preacher Katie Hopkins talking in the town and to show support for the migrants and LGBTQ people she attacks. Katie Hopkins is an alt-right mouthpiece who actively promotes the far-right, describes migrants as “cockroaches” and has called for a “final solution”. She was photographed hanging out with holocaust deniers and fascists on board the Generation Identity “Defend Europe” boat as she sought to promote their mission to make sure migrants drown in the Mediterranean. Join Brighton Anti-Fascists and many others in supporting this demonstration.

Meet at the All Saints Arts Centre at 6pm

Facebook event

Football for All – No to Racism, No to Islamophobia!, Edinburgh, Saturday 25th

“Veterans Against Terrorism”, a group closely linked to the Football Lads Alliance, are holding a demonstration in Edinburgh on Saturday the 25th. Members of the FLA are expected to travel for it as they try to recruit and expand into Scotland. Stand up to Racism Scotland have called a counter demo.

Anti-racist demonstration, Glasgow, Saturday 25th

Saturday 25th also sees the annual Scottish TUC St. Andrew’s Day anti-racist demonstration in Glasgow. This event originates in 1989 when the BNP tried to hijack the Scottish patron saint’s day to promote their own far-right politics. The response has dwarfed the original cause and the annual anti-racist demonstration has continued ever since.

And if all that wasn’t enough…

Bristol Anti-Fascists film night, Sunday 26th

Come meet Bristol Anti-Fascists and watch “Welcome to Leith”– a feature documentary from 2015 that chronicles the attempted takeover of a small town in North Dakota by notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb and the community fightback that followed.

Facebook event



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