Stop the fascist Generation Identity conference – London Saturday April 14th

10 04 2018

Call out to all decent human beings! Oppose the Generation Identity conference!

Make no mistake, this conference is a meeting of like minded people from across the continent, seeking to work together to organise and execute the ethnic cleansing of Europe. We cannot – we will not – let this happen. We’ll see you on Saturday the 14th. Follow @OpposeGI on twitter for updates and locations on the day.




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30 04 2018

talking of conspiracy theories… Generation Identity promote a conspiracy theory called “The Great Replacement” – the white genocide myth essentially. And on their website they say: “The Great Replacement in Europe requires us to work towards reversing migration flows.” What do you think that means? Expelling people who aren’t white. Therefore ethnic cleansing.

13 04 2018
chloe hewitt

How on earth do you reach “ethnic cleansing ” ? I’ve been on their website and though there’s much i don’t appreciate they’ve never given any indication that their goal is “ethnic cleansing ” in any traditional sense of the word .

Falling into extreme conspiracy theories will only make them look more reasonable.

10 04 2018

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